In the kitchen, countertops can be made from it, which, in addition to an impeccable appearance, have high wear resistance. The street art movement that started in this decade, will be back with a contemporary feel. There are two factors in choosing a color. Naval color trend. What will be the design of the kitchen trends 2021-2022? Here, it is best to follow the rule of combining no more than 3 styles. The institutes of color dictate their versions to us, but at the same time they are all united by one main idea – to connect man with nature. But still, the peculiarity of this style lies in the use of restrained natural materials that give a sense of space and light. Technological innovations superimposed on the classic interior – this is how this trend can be characterized. Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. New Decorating Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022-2023. Using trendy green to decorate the living room, designers transform the space in different ways: paint the walls or add pink or green furniture as accents. Furniture made of glass or transparent plasticas relevant as last season. Interior styles. Hope you enjoy the news, and be safe! The first thing that forms the image of an interior is color. In the new decade, an individual approach will be more and more in demand in residential interiors. The interior design of the 2021-2022 kitchen will be perfect if you decorate it with beautiful textiles in the form of a tablecloth, curtains, tulle, decorative covers for chairs, if you use the Provence or boho-chic style, etc. One of the colors of the year is mint green – a delicate pastel color that truly brings freshness and lightness to the interior, and in combination with more complex shades makes the space livelier. One of the trends that left a strong impression upon the fashion industry and now in interior design is the sparkle of the 70’s night disco club in combination with the luxury, velvet softness and oblong volumes from the ’80s. Residents of a metropolis often lack natural aesthetics. We need a design not for everyone, but for everyone. Kitchen designs keep changing as time goes by. Cantaloupe – the color of cantaloupe melon, otherwise tender terracotta. Modern classic. There was a similar post from last August that was also a riff on an Elle Decor article. He is able to correctly reveal the attractiveness of pink, as well as give depth to purple. For example, the decoration of the walls can be completely different: from textured plaster to wallpapering. Bedroom interior design trends 2022. The apartment becomes a mirror, a combination of memories, views and habits. Fashion for interior design is no less volatile than for designer clothes. 90’s Urban Style. Simple and understandable minimalism is expanding and gradually gives way to a minimalist interior filled with some kind of philosophy. All shades of marble and travertine will also continue to delight us and will be used both in the decoration of the bathroom and, for example, on the floor in the bedroom. Nature will remain present in the interiors. Terrazzo is a material that is made from fragments of marble, stone, glass, bonded with lime. Metal is truly valuable in the design of kitchens and bathrooms. There’s an increasing awareness in having natural pieces. That one was 40 … This shade can be described as a muted version of orange tones, which is both upbeat and uplifting. When choosing furniture, you should first of all take into account your lifestyle, your own concepts of beauty and comfort. Designers are united by the idea that fine art should shine in everyday interiors. When choosing such a set, you should take into account the color, shape, and functionality that suits you – the furniture should be compact in size in order to take up a minimum of space. It is best to use it to decorate a kitchen or living room, but in the bedroom, limit yourself to small decor items. Christmas Trends 2021 I Interior design Trends, Discover November Top Trends I Interior Design Trends 2021, 2022 Colour Trend I Olive Oil Green Spring Summer. People no longer seek to fill their home with unnecessary things. Haze. Elements such as cork walls or hump curtains will highlight the interior design trends 2022 season. It is important and correct to choose a color combination without a pattern – white is suitable as a base, and graphic gray can serve as a contrast. Ashley Knierim. The world of residential design is moving at a rapid pace, so every year many old trends give way to new kitchen trends. Style in its “pure” form is encountered less and less, individualism is a trend. Therefore, if you adhere to current trends, you should pay attention to the latest new interior trends in 2021. Elisabetta Rizzato. Marriott International 3. Furniture upholstery in this color looks aristocratic and gives the space some charm. The apartment becomes a mirror, a combination of memories, views and habits. Amanda Lauren Contributor. Get back to 70’s Style, Interior Design, Furniture Patterns Latest Smart Kitchen Trends 2021-2022 2020 has been the year of subway tiles and neutral surfaces. Neoclassicism, in comparison with classical design, is more laconic, restrained and harmoniously combined with innovative approaches to creating functional housing. Freedom in everything does not allow you to focus on one current. (Step Out into the Fresh Air!). Floating structures, chandeliers and lamps add a special note to the interiors of 2022. In small rooms, it is worth using mirrors, which will visually increase the area. I write about real estate, décor and design. This material is able to add light and space to the room, while not reducing the functionality of the interior atmosphere. The popular style of the interior – eclecticism – mixed and materials. 12 Interior Design Trends We’ll See In 2020. To organize the space, modular furniture is used, which simultaneously performs several functions and takes up little space. The effect of enveloping and comfort is guaranteed. Facebook; Ashley Knierim covers home decor for The Spruce. Recently, modern residential interiors have been showing us wood as wall panels that have been successfully integrated into various styles, such as eco-style. It looks good in traditional and modern classics, vintage style and is suitable both for painting walls and as upholstery or curtains. Trending home furnishings are concentrated on one site – Furniture Paradise. Perhaps. If you have the idea that such a range might bore you, then we recommend taking a neutral base as a basis, in the future this will help to complement the interior only with decor in fashionable colors, which can be easily replaced over time. The presence of paintings, unique figurines, old books, tableware collections, textile sets in apartments, as a rule, always decorate the space in a special way. Bedrooms, suites, sideboards, dressers and other furniture items are made mainly of natural wood, which is the main trend in fashionable interiors. Therefore, among the popular shades of the 2022 season, you can see: classic blue, rich dark green, deep sea shade, delicate green, sky blue, pale pink, positive lemonade shade. Deep dark green also continues to be popular for a wide variety of interiors. Requests for specific styles go away. The terrazzo trend is no longer at the height of fashion, but it will still hold its position in 2022. A sophisticated shade of base blue is also popular this year. First Light is a delicate pink, a different color for the morning sky. Introducing Spring Summer 2022 For Spring Summer 2022, the social, cultural and emotional drivers of trends in the home will be more important than ever. The best solution would be to apply it to decorate a living room or kitchen, while maintaining it with a combination of calm light shades and balancing the furniture with chocolate or gray color. We began to spend much more time at home, and the bright details in the environment began to … New trendbook : COLOR TRENDS 2020/2021 for interiors and design I’m happy super happy to share today with you that the last Trendbook of the year: “COLOR TRENDS 2020/2021” by ITALIANBARK+SOMA is finally ready! Create a fulfilling, homey atmosphere with just some additional simple accent furniture and transform your home. Also, two palettes – dark and light – will always find their adherents. – new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator. Feel free to share on your social media by using the super-easy share buttons on the left! The selected materials for decoration are of natural origin – wood, stone, bamboo, concrete or cork. These are shelves, sofas, armchairs, pedestals, forming convenient links to use. The Design Trends That Are In—And Out—In 2020. Marble is increasingly used as a floor covering, when decorating window sills, fireplaces. It looks interesting in the restrained interior of the living room, for example, if a leather sofa or armchairs are made in it, a certain note of optimism and a correctly placed accent immediately arises. Glass foldable walls or dividers will create a dynamic between interior and outdoor living, the entire year. If it is Scandinavian style, minimalism, classics and art deco, where there are a lot of overloaded details, all this may get bored after a couple of years. The fashion for rounded furniture has been holding on for several years. Natural fibers – silk, high quality cotton, linen or wool are also a priority, as they are generally suitable for almost any style. Mellow Yellow is a mustard, down-to-earth shade. Cool blue-gray goes well with warm beige tones, as well as pinks, yellows, greens, whites and dark woods. Therefore, the main style of interior trends 2022 can be called eclecticism. 2. Design Of Modern Bedroom Trends 2020 – how to equip an area for sleeping? Furniture is selected ergonomic, compact size. For a modern person, his home is a real source of strength and inspiration, so the atmosphere should fully correspond to the lifestyle of the owners. It’s impossible to not notice, in fact, how much the… Concrete is used in bathrooms – sinks and fonts treated with impregnation immediately acquire an aesthetic unusual look. Eclecticism remains one of the most difficult styles, since when creating an interior it is sometimes difficult to maintain the line between contrast and the chaotic use of different design elements that at first glance do not go well with each other. Interior design trends 2022 has taken a huge upswing in a matter of a few years. In this case, you no longer need to search for many identical chairs or cutlery. The new decade is a time of change for mix and variety. Paint experts offer a variety of colors, from light pinks and field shades to deep blues and greens. Therefore, the main style of interior trends 2022 can be called eclecticism. The design of the apartment 2021 is freedom and democracy …, Creating an entourage of a cozy home is not as …, The organization of the repair of a house or apartment …, We don’t want to overwhelm you, but 2021 is just …, Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Decor Trends 2021, Modern Bathroom Design – New Trends in 2020, New Interior Design Trends 2022 for Various Premises, Apartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021. Purist Blue is a sophisticated variation on basic blue. Kitchen color trends 2022. Trendbook shares with you the main color of the year 2021, a concern for nature, bonding it with contemporary spaces and new technologies.. See also: Discover: Interior Design Trends 2022 1. The new black proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces. You… Individuality is a trend. This tandem is ideal for decorating a living room – the shades create a lively, effective combination. Vintage furniture is still trending too. It is quite possible for them to paint the interior of a children’s room, hallway or kitchen, as well as use it in ceramics. Continuing Trends 2019. The organization of the living space is designed to combine different styles, textures and time. 8 Winter-Proof Patio Designs We Love + the Hottest Trends You'll See Come Spring. Get started on your renovation plans with these pointers from the pros. Interiors decorated in a particular style are gradually fading into the background, now personalization prevails. The abundance of mass-market goods has given rise to interest in collaborations, a kind of collections that come out in small series, emphasizing the elitism and originality of the product. Hello dear readers of the blog ! Most people strive to create the most calm and comfortable interior for themselves, while using as many sources of natural light as possible (large windows, many mirrors), sometimes choosing light garden furniture instead of massive furniture for living rooms and dining rooms, decorating living spaces with indoor plants. Natural materials also remain companions of the style, light shades and functional furnishings. Today, fashion is accompanied by a sense of lightness, which is also transmitted to our living spaces. Style in its “pure” form is encountered less and less, individualism is a trend. Minimalism in interior design focuses on maximum simplicity and clarity. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The psychological direction of the chosen shade is associated with the emotional contradiction of modern people in the era of high technology. SPRING SUMMER 2022 | HOME & INTERIORS TREND BOOK OUT NOW. *Like what you’ve read about the next trends? Emotional design is what most people want to see. Emotional design is what most people want to see. Marble, concrete or terrazzodo not give up positions – materials are used both for decoration and in interior elements. The furniture arrangement is considered the finishing touch on the finish line of any interior. Nowadays, it is no longer strange to see new furniture and items from a flea market, as well as items brought from travels in the same interior. The use of antique and rare things with character, history and soul in interiors is arousing more and more interest in modern people. There is a move towards a new soft and kind appeal that still has vigor, as we continue to embrace digitalization but maintain the integrity and creativity that humans bring. At the same time, the shade brings it closer to nature, the sea and the sky, creating extraordinary tranquility in every interior. In 2022, the concept of elegance and simplicity is gaining relevance – do not overload your interior with unnecessary furniture and useless things. These trends are all still very relevant to modern interiors. Convenience and practicality also play an important role – the functional content of the interior should not only reflect the mood and character of the owners, but also improve their lifestyle. Adapted to the new consumer, furniture with a digital or automated feature is an upcoming trend. Since most people live and work in an urbanized environment, the tangible sense of a forest or meadow is lost. The modern home will have fewer divisions, having one space for living, dining and cooking. Chinese Porcelain is a deep blue “Chinese porcelain”. The iconic retro print will regain its statement within interior design. Although we can't predict what sarto. It goes well with bright colors as well as more saturated dark colors. But the most important thought remains the desire to strengthen man’s love for nature, forest and ocean. 27 July 2020. Personal space design can usually tell a lot about a person. Looking for designs to liven up your Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen or even your Office? Hello dear readers of the blog ! Now the mood has changed to personalization of its space and purity of forms. DESIGN TRENDS; DESIGN TRENDS | Are tiny cabins the homes of the future? If you want to see other decor and interior trends just click here. Also, a trendy solution is the combination of this shade with mint tones. Bedroom Designs 2022: photos, styles, colors, interior ideas, Popular Colors for Living Rooms – 26 Original Ideas. A darker blue color will be the 2021 trend. It is actively used in the creation of countertops in the kitchen, suitable for finishing furniture. 2022 Color Trends for Interior Design - As every year, 2022 also will not differ with its wide range of interior design trends 2022. 15 Spring Design Trends You'll See All Year Long 15 Photos. The trend is suede, velvet, an abundance of fringes and tassels in the decor. Tables, shelves, shelves or bedside tables made of them are distinguished by some lightness, thereby not overloading the space. Ecostyle returns to nature and characterizes biophilia – love for nature. Kitchen Interior Design Trends 2022. Written by. A nostalgic revival style that started in fashion is going to be popular again in the next 2022 interior design trends. Here's what is big on the home front this year—plus trends worth saying goodbye to. The deep and down-to-earth shade of yellow has been an absolute hit for several years now. The race is on to design the perfect interior while incorporating home design principles with your own personal twist here and there. 1. You can also combine glass, concrete or natural stone with a pronounced relief. These Will Be New Decor Trends That Will Reign 2021, Interior Trends 2022: the hottest ideas for home and apartment decorating designers. Ashley Knierim. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. For modern classics are characteristic: ... Skinali with a picture or photo printing can become that bright spot that will revive a strict interior design. It goes equally well with a calm gray, green or beige color. Interior Design and Decor Trends to Expect in 2020. Designer Showcase: 30+ Foyers and Entryways You'll Wanna See 32 Photos. Bay window sofas, cozy armchairs, consoles, poufs, tables have become common use of flowing lines and serve as inspiration from the 1970s. Although we can't predict w Elements from all of they key trends can be worked into the new looks. Among the most popular species are ash, oak, walnut. In other words, aesthetic consumption implies that we care where, by whom and how the chair or glass is produced. Only the necessary remains in the interior, which gives the development of that very aesthetics. Ecostyle welcomes such decorative details as wicker or earthenware, stone coasters, textiles made of linen, silk or wool. Are tiny houses and cabins in the nature the homes of the future? A thoughtful minimum of interior objects will ultimately provide a feeling of free space in the premises. The terracotta shade will be a real alternative to yellow, and can also complement it. Therefore, an eclectic approach helps to combine times and textures. The most interesting combination, according to world designers, is the combination of this shade with last year’s favorite – cold-gray Metropolitan Gray. Such a mix is perceived with special interest, things add expressiveness and modulate the space, where it will be more pleasant to be. This meadow-inspired color is often combined with pink in modern interiors. Glass in interiors is becoming more and more popular due to its “reflective” characteristics. Updated 07/07/20. The launch of the ISPO Textrends Spring/Summer 2022 color trends falls under the overall inspiration of the rehumanizing mood. Once again Teendbook unveils for you the next interior design trends. As we close out a decade marked by interior design trends ranging from midcentury to Memphis-inspired, we’ve got our eyes set on what 2020 has in store.Curves are having a moment—whether we’re talking about patterns made with free-form shapes, furniture, or doorways—and natural materials (like wood, textiles, and cane)are showing up all over the home in modern ways. Hence the need for natural elements: traditional wood, stone, an abundance of light sources, groups of green plants – everything that reminds of nature. While we report new trends, we very much continue to support and evolve existing interior looks. #trendstv #trendforecasting2022 #designtrends #interiordesign #trends Discover our entire TrendBook collection! Tactility is another trend in the interiors of the new decade. Smart Furniture. That is, there is a certain transformation of minimalism into eclecticism. In fashion – home decoration, according to lifestyle, cosiness and personal comfort. Therefore, many of us seek to find peace in the midst of the noise, creating well-articulated functional design concepts. For the beginning of the next decade, the shade was not chosen by chance, it is intended to symbolize a new dawn of thinking and a rosy perspective with the maximum optimistic outlook on the future.

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