The sound was also great to my ears, so our opinion differs on that. All of these are a bit heavy for lugging around, but I didn't see anything smaller/lighter I'd like, with at least good keys. Login name is a tribute to Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. I am wondering if someone can help me decide on making a piano upgrade. Edit: I’ve decided to get the ES8 and it should be coming in a week or two. Many people are drawn to Kawai pianos which tend to have a warmer tone than Yamaha … Kawai Es110 vs Yamaha P45 . ... Kawai ES920 VS Yamaha P515… I recently moved to Germany, and am currently looking for a portable digital piano for my new apartment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kawai has recently updated its MP line of stage digital pianos with two new models – the MP7SE and MP11SE. I know the p515 has a pretty heavy action, but I tend to play a little heavily so it's not a complete deterrent. I also really liked the Bösendorfer sound but didn't like the action of the P-515 at all. Roland FP 90 is the successor of Roland FP 80, and Yamaha P515 is the successor of Yamaha P255. Kawai ES8 (2600 $) I live in Ukraine and we don’t have a store where I can try all these pianos. These two pianos are the flagship pianos of its company. The Kawai ES8 does not have Bluetooth network nor does it have the USB Audio Interface work. Roland has put much attention to details on this model. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I will use primarily at home. Overall, the Yamaha P-255 is much inferior to the other flagships like the Kawai ES8 and the Roland FP-90. There are two colors to choose from, black and white. I know only that Kawai is 50 watts versus 100 watts at yamaha. Kawai ES-8 vs. and Yamaha P515 (Kawai MP11SE?) Both are known for out-class quality and commendable professional efficiency and both present wonderful models of digital pianos. Check also Kawai ES8 and Roland FP90 in this class. The Kawai ES8’s strong point to me is it’s action: the piano just feels so smooth to play. USA. I'm saving to purchase a keyboard hopefully early 2021 and have narrowed it down to 2 that I'm seriously considering: Kawai ES-8 (I know the ES-920 was just announced) and Yamaha P515. When looking at the Yamaha P515 vs Roland FP-90, there are many similarities but also major differences that are easily noticed. I'm currently used to playing on an upright Wurlitzer (a few decades old) that hasn't had any maintenance in many years, at least 4 but I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to 10 years. FP 90 was announced in September of 2016 and P515 was announced June of 2018. There’s no store selling them around here. The MP7SE uses the same key action and sound engine as the ES8. As long as you will have a decent notebook (which I assume a college student to have) or a desktop near your piano you can have way better sounds over headphones than with either of the built-in samples, but you can't change the action. Also check the Roland FP-90; "dated" too. Roland FP-90 vs Yamaha P515. The ES8 is lighter I think, but the P515 isn't awfully heavy. Not often, but it happens. The only other real competitor to the Roland FP-90 is the Kawai ES8. Mind the differences in key action and sound are highly subjective and you should check in person, not rely on forum wisdom. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Having to browse around a lot … Kawai ES8 Review Read More » Yamaha P515 Review. I'm afraid you can't get a meaningful description of the key action online ;(. If you want to know more about this model don’t miss our review of the Roland FP-90. I'm saving to purchase a keyboard hopefully early 2021 and have narrowed it down to 2 that I'm seriously considering: Kawai ES-8 (I know the ES-920 was just announced) and Yamaha P515. The P515 is the successor of the very popular P255. Pls, I’m in an area, where to test any of Yamaha P515, Roland FP90 and Kawai ES8 digital pianos is a bit of a problem. I think I’ll be fine with the weight as I won’t be moving them all too often. Yamaha VS Kawai Digital Piano. The Yamaha P515… Kawai ES8 vs Kawai MP7 SE . But many people say that it sound better then yamaha. I was only able to go recently because I had free time on my hands after school as the dealer is only 30 minutes from school. Image Unavailable. This seems really worth it and I might end up getting the ES8 because of this. How do the flagship stage pianos of the two largest Japanese piano companies stack up against each other? My uncertainty … I have had the Yamaha … I would think the action would be more important because you can use programs to change the sound but that's just my 2 cents as an early intermediate player as well. First major difference is in the key action. Re: Kawai ES920 VS Yamaha P515. Posts: 102. Overall… In my opinion, action should be your most important factor. Posted by 1 year ago. You cannot call any of … P515 is better. Kawai ES8 digital piano is strong, rigid, but not very compact. My teacher did say the same thing about the sounds being better this way, but I’m not too sure I can learn to do it correctly. I loved everything about the P515 except that sound. Kind regards, James x. The truth is that aspects of sound, for example, are arguable. These are the main differences when looking at Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8. Besides those two stage piano options I immediately noticed a difference playing the ES-8 on speakers vs. the CN-39 - the latter having better and more powerful speakers. I cannot speak for the Yamaha, however the Kawai ES8's 'Rhythm Section' accompaniment feature offers the same functionality. It is portable with an elegant design featuring a reinforced keyboard base for additional stability and a metal enclosure. Construction . See also: Roland FP30 vs Kawai … received an update from yamaha on when the p515 black will start shipping. Once in a while one of them will not sound or may BANG here and there. Secondly, the two models include reverb and chorus effects to produce more echo and create sensibilities of accumulating strings over every note. Kawai is a brand in the piano business that represents excellent items. They both are high quality digital pianos that offer realistic touch and sound. I liked the ES8 a lot, both key action and default sound (no tweaking). You'll want to enjoy this for a long time. The instrument looks firm and is built like a tank. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. On the heels of our Kawai ES8 vs Yamaha P515 comparison video, today we’re going to see how the P515 stacks up against Roland’s flagship all-in-one portable piano, the FP90. Fort Wayne, IN. Kawai pianos are also known for their actions – including their Blak series which contain composite materials. Mind it is "dated", due for a refresh - either better deals or an updated model. If you are interested in knowing more, we invite you to our review of the Yamaha P125. The key activity is called RH3, Kawai’s best plastic activity. Best Price Click Here . I would appreciate any thoughts on Important feature differences and on why I should buy one over the other. .... Jeff /// Yamaha P515 /// Roll Tide. Yamaha Clp-645 (2300 $) 2. I don't know if that helps at all. As you would have just gotten it, they didn’t bring down the bar on this contender of the P515. Kawai MP11SE over Yamaha P515. However, my daughter liked the Kawai key action better. The Kawai ES8’s strong point to me is it’s action: the piano just feels so smooth to play. This is a quite exciting evaluation to be able to do, not just because it’s been asked for a lot, however additionally due to the fact that these 2 pianos match up versus one another so well. I consider myself an early advanced pianist, and I play primarily classical. Being the flagship of Kawai’s portable range of digital pianos, the Kawai ES8 comes with the RH3 key action, which is the best plastic action in Kawai’s arsenal. Kawai ES8 vs Yamaha P515. In direct comparison I was (surprisingly to me) more convinced by the Kawai, especially by its action even though it only has plastic keys.

kawai es8 vs yamaha p515 reddit

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