1 Opening a Legendary Chest 2 Contents 2.1 Axes 2.2 Bows 2.3 Daggers 2.4 Maces (One-handed) 2.5 Maces (Two-handed) 2.6 Spears 2.7 Swords (One-handed) 2.8 Swords (Two-handed) 2.9 Shields 3 Locations 4 Notes 5 Media … You need to hit all three that make a sound quickly to unlock the chest. Legendary Chest 1. Commentary: The artifact can be found in the cave. Once at the top, you can collect the following collectibles. Legendary Chest 34/35. If it misses, you will be required to try again until both bulbs are destroyed simultaneously allowing you to open the metal gate and open the chest. ... Open up the Legendary Chest here for a Strike of the Utgard Light Runic Attack. On the surface, it’s a standard rune bell puzzle to open the Nornir Chest. There is a door on the left blocked by roots. Content: Frost Giant’s Frenzy. Go back to the blue crystal, which you used to create the bridge and pick it up. Anyone else get this? There are 5 Legendary Chests located in the realm of Alfheim. #22 – Artefact 6/6 – 13:16 Same area as the legendary chest, at the end of the path, at a dead end. Lake of Light is a large area in Alfheim in God of War. Take the legendary chest, if you want. This God of War Alfheim Collectible Locations Guide focuses on all collectibles present in Alfheim. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Possible bug with legendary chest #3 in Alfheim." Legendary Chests: The River Pass. Take the path on the right side of the elevator and you will easily find this Legendary Chest sitting in plain sight. #21 – Legendary Chest 4/5 – 12:52 Follow the path to the right side of the aforementioned elevator and the chest is in plain sight. The first legendary chest you come across in Alfheim has glitched on me. Atreus’s light arrows can activate them for the Realm Tear to spawn. Welcome to our 100% collectible series for God of War. Alfheim Chest 1. If done right, this will cut all the roots and free the chest which holds the heavy runic attack Thiazi's Talon. This raven is sitting in the Hidden Chamber’s Valkyrie battle room. There is a door on the left blocked by roots. You will find this artefact sitting near a dead body. Once you do, you will see a cog you can freeze with your axe. There was a legendary chest wrapped in vines that required rotating the weak points above it and getting in position to hit all three as they rotated back. You will need to clear some more vegetation before accessing it. Finding all three will get you an Idunn Apple. It can only be found starting from the 4th stage onward, and natural generation is extremely rare. You will find the raven sitting on this statue. This Legendary Chest is located in the Witch’s Cave found by jumping over a few gaps and holds a Heavy Runic Attack Gem, Ivaldi’s Anvil. The apple increases your health bar when you find 3 of them, and the mead increases your rage when you find 3 of them. In the same area, reach the end of the path and turn right immediately. There is another island on this side where you can land. Location: After the second drop in the water level, go to Buri’s Storeroom and cross the door at the back.On the other side, move to the right and then look above you, then ask Atreus to detonate the crystal on the water wheel. Alfheim - Light Elf Sanctuary (Reward: Idunn Apple) This can be a bit of a tricky one to find. You will see a door blocked by some pink vegetable. They are located right before the area where you are required to crawl under the ice tunnel. Now call the axe back, make sure that is hits the pink vegetation on the way back. Helheim Collectible # 4 – Legendary Chest. Atreus will need to shoot at it to create a bridge.

legendary chest alfheim

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