From 2017 to February of 2018, Wrinkle Shot has won 40 awards as “Best Cosmetics”. “Our guess was confirmed,” said Mr. Takeuchi. One of the mechanisms in the world are aggregated into one, it has brought significant progress in wrinkle improvement. Mr. Takeuchi added, “It was the same for me. Anti-wrinkle Pola serum from Japan works with a special protein structure called neutrophil elastase. But behind the sensation it stirred in the beauty world, this anti-wrinkle serum owes its creation to blood, sweat and tears. “When approval came through the final decision was made to launch the product, it was like, 'OK, so what are we going to do about the design?' Flower parties, evening parties, and traveling abroad. During Japan's Edo period, “Miyako Fuuzoku Keiwaden” was published. The packaging is sleek and architectural, gorgeous from every angle. Typical Products Pure Precious Rouge AQUAFORCE Lotion Cleansing Liquid 25. Youko Tomizawa Curator, POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture. “The other source of inspiration was discovery,“ said Mr. Watanabe. “Abdeker” was a collection of beauty techniques supposedly passed down from ancient times, a sort of how-to guide that taught readers how to make lotion, blush and more. With evidence piling up, researchers began to understand “neutrophil” was somehow related to the formation of wrinkles. Mr. Watanabe's team was entrusted with that crucial task. In the winter of 2003, one young researcher sat alone in the POLA lab, silently going over papers. takes its name from “BioActive Theory”, drawing on regenerative medicine to recreate a miracle skin birth factor called Versican. Saga prefecture is exposed to strong winds from winter to spring, which seems to have an effect on the skin scores from that area,” said Ms. Kono. Tested on 68 women, during 12 weeks, twice a day, the wrinkle shot improved the appearance of wrinkles on 70% of women. SIGNS SHOT the intelligent essence under concept Smile Revolution to reduce skin pressure from daily activities and emotions. Call (310) 276-6800. A whopping 5,400 different chemicals. Skin Score: 65.99 3rd Place: Hiroshima Prefecture. “Drugs, plant extracts, microorganism metabolites, we checked all sorts of ingredients. “Until then, everyone I had asked told me it couldn't be done, so when I heard that we might be able to do it, I was really happy. “We were considering other ingredients, but we hadn't found anything that performed better than NEI-L1,” said Mr. Hinokitani. Pola Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g (Japan Import) 2.0 out of 5 stars 1. But it seems like they would go in secret so that no one knew about it,” laughed Ms. Tomizawa. The focus of their research? But when collagen and elastin synthesis increase, it can be assumed that wrinkles are ameliorated,” said Mr. Takeuchi. The B.A. “At the time, we didn't really understand the actual mechanisms behind wrinkles. Speaking with his project manager, he wondered if it was time to give up on a NEI-L1 product. By inhibiting this enzyme’s degradation of our healthy skin cells, Wrinkle Shot reduces visible wrinkles and prevents onset of further lines. price range. How did it go? : Pola Anti Wrinkle Serum 20 grams : Beauty ... Pola White Shot SXS 20g Facial serum Japan 4.7 out of 5 stars 4. “Noble women laughed without showing their teeth, and culturally, it was considered unseemly to move the face with obvious facial expressions. “I went to take some promotional shots of the building all covered in Wrinkle Shot's signature orange. Everyone probably wants to know what they can do about their fine lines, right? We were able to obtain highly reliable data from this evaluation process that was pharmaceutical grade,” said Mr. Hinokitani. “Including the stability evaluation samples, we probably went through 1,000 to 2,000 sample runs before we managed to perfect the formula,” said Mr. Hinokitani. # M130 Los Angeles. Still, with Japan's culture of restrained emotional expression, you can imagine where this theory came from. Qty. Thus it feels light and leaves a refreshing finish (so it’s good for oily skin too). Of course, one important question was whether or not these ingredients could be used in a cosmetic product,” said Mr. Takeuchi. Finally, on January 1, 2017, Wrinkle Shot arrived on the market. When this degradation happens faster than synthesis, wrinkles develop. “It was really daunting work,” said Mr. Takeuchi. $89.88. Pola Wrinkle Shot Facial Serum has the following features: Proved by Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in Japan, Wrinkle Shot has a significant effect on improving wrinkles. (“Keshou Kagami” Special edition of Fujin Sekai, 1907.) Her work helps translate the allure of POLA to print, web, and other media. MECMOR Black Cleaning Facial Treatment Mask, Remove Blackheads, Lighten Fine Lines, 5Pcs Rose Serum Brightening Hydrating Moisturizing Sheet Mask for Acne, Oily, Sensitive Skin, Vegan 4.2 out of 5 stars 144. Mr. Takeuchi entered the company at age 26. Anti-wrinkle injections block the chemical signal that the brain sends to the muscle telling the muscle to contract. 3,145.00 THB. “Miyako Fuuzoku Keiwaden” 1813. Her main area of research is modern cosmetics culture. In 2004, he took on the responsibility of formulating Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum. Skin Score: 65.60 (“Skin Score” is an estimation of the skin's collagen quality, based on information like micro-irregularities on the surface of the skin.) series, I have also been trying out POLA Wrinkle Shot. Skin Score: 24.20 46th Place: Kagawa Prefecture. Looks a lot like the massage exercises that show up in modern women's magazines, doesn't it? Texture. Now, a year and a half after their sensational debut, Wrinkle Shot has moved sold over 1.11 million units. Over the course of three years, they collected a variety of data showing the improvement of wrinkles. It was really a case of slow and steady wins the race. This 15-year-long journey finally reached its end. In order to ensure NEI-L1 retained its stability and that the formula could be used comfortably on the skin, Mr. Hinokitani got to work making another batch of samples. (“Abdeker ou l'art de conserver la beauté” by Antoine le Camus. Is POLA Wrinkle Shot serum against the wrinkles effective? POLA began gathering data for product approval in 2006. You could say that first 3 years of work was like the first Dark Age for us.”. Reika Kono Head of PR, Public Relations Department. Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views. Quasi-drugs, in opposite to cosmetics, are medicated, have a mild pharmacologic effect and include active ingredients. Imagine something like a game of Snakes and Ladders with a theme of the year's most fashionable destinations and hottest makeup looks. New POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g Anti-Aging Cream From Japan Fast Ship XL. “This period was our third Dark Age,” said Mr. Takeuchi. “We went through hundreds of original designs based on famous signatures. Through trial and error, they finally arrived at a formula with a comfortable texture and adhered to the skin. More reviews, photos and discussions for POLA. The whole company was searching for ‘what is actually valuable to the world’. A total of 560,000 people have used the product. This part is all the same as today's beauty advice,” said Ms. Tomizawa. In the research department, we were focusing on making a product that was truly effective and show results. With their deep blue, gold, and silver monochrome color schemes, Mr. Watanabe took the initial designs into the first internal presentation. You might think that the discovery of this innovative ingredient would finally lead to an anti-wrinkle cosmetic product, but the research team faced one more unexpected barrier. Love”. Was it a joke, or were they serious? While packaging development takes up most of his time, he's had his hands busy with all aspects of POLA's creative direction, working to strengthen the POLA brand. Adding Rucinol®*7, the active ingredient for whitening in the White Shot brand, to the Golden LP*6 featured in B.A Skin Care. Mr. Takeuchi continued with a laugh, “In the end, I kept pushing and said I would help too. “In the Miyako Fuuzoku Keiwaden, there are numerous descriptions of how to brighten the skin, but very few related to wrinkles,” said Ms. Tomizawa. Write Review. (Hirotaka Takeuchi, research leader at Frontier Research Center), “Things weren't set up in a database like they are now, so 4 or 5 of us were going through factors one by one. “Neutrophils are a type of immune cell. Wrinkle Shot 2g (Trial size 0.2g x 10pcs). The masseter muscle is the muscle at the angle of the jawline (just below the ears) which helps us to chew. Mr. Takeuchi recalled, “It snuck up on me. AU $125.39. “Oh yeah, at the time, I wanted to say that to Mr. Takeuchi,” said Mr. Hinokitani. He contacted universities and research organizations all over the country to ask for advice, looking for a hint. From the end of the Meiji period to the beginning of the Showa period in the 1920s, books detailing massage techniques began to appear. Pola White Shot SXS Facial Serum 0.7oz, 20g Skincare Serum. “Neither the trial participants nor the doctors knew which cosmetic samples contained NEI-L1, so we had one sample or the other applied to the left or right eye area. Whether it's a toner or a cream, many products contain water. In our final chapter, we're going to take you through a few wrinkle facts that might surprise you. I told my wife, 'I did that.' (Youko Tomizawa. Using her experience in product planning, she crafts communications that capture the heart and soul behind the products. “I was thinking, 'seriously, what are we going to do?' “First, it instructs you to boil wild boar's hoof, or what could be pig's hoof today, then apply the thickened extract to the skin. “University professors have their own teaching and research obligations, so I couldn't give this research project my uninterrupted attention. After the swelling goes down, you might need a touch-up injection for best results. Through the research institute's publishing outlet, she has also authored a book detailing the history and design of silver hand mirrors during the Art Deco period. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Once NEI-L1 received approval, the product release was set in stone. “At first, it was like 'Huh, really?' That was the first time in my career as a researcher that I said something like that,” said Mr. Hinokitani, laughing. It seemed like they thought, 'We get what you're going for, but it feels a little outdated.' With all of the products and data generated through POLA's research, it's clear that they will be helping women in Japan and abroad, look their best for years to come. On the other hand, it also explains that “wrinkles are the result of overusing the facial muscles.”. We used cursive for the logo to give it the image of a signature on a contract with the customer,” said Mr. Watanabe. “While I was perusing different documents, it became clear Europe was more aware of wrinkles than compared to in Japan,” said Youko Tomizawa. “Under Japanese law, quasi-drugs must be able to remain stable for a period of three years after being opened. “Around the middle of the Meiji period, several beauticians began publicizing their unique beauty regimens, producing their own cosmetics, and opening their own beauty salons,” said Ms. Tomizawa. POLA Wrinkle Shot Serum Facial Serum 20g Serum & Concentrates. By placing anti-wrinkle injections in this muscle, the jawline is slimmed. Prices are generally on the prestige end, comparable to Cle de Peau and La Mer. 4 volumes, 1754/1756. Of course, water is an inherent part of most skin care formulas. POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture Library.). We used orange as the key color for both the logo and the outer box,” said Mr. Watanabe. SKU : 920367. New POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g Anti-Aging Cream From Japan Fast Ship XL. Price. Delivering POLA values: science, art, and love. Overall, I have really enjoyed using POLA’s products over the past weeks, and my skin seems to take well to them. Because I am a girl campaign from POLA JAPAN. Duty Free Duty Free shopping provides international travellers an opportunity to buy more but pay less on a wide variety of products. This is Toshihiro Hinokitani, who helped complete the NEI-L1 formulation while finalizing the product. January issue supplement, “Gendai Ryuukou Sugoroku.” POLA Cultural Research Institute Library.). Toshihiro Hinokitani Manager, Frontier Research Center. Every day was a struggle.” Every time he returned to the lab in Tokyo to report on his progress, Mr. Takeuchi was told not to come back until he had succeeded in photographing neutrophils.

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