God will honor you faith and commitment to do right and will be your strength in overcoming this addiction. Why not right now, this very moment reach into you pocket, or purse and take out that packet of cigarettes, that cigar, or tobacco product and get rid of it. As I look back I know that if I had not continued to seek God's help I would have never overcome smoking and would not today be a Gospel preacher and pastor. Are there other things that, because of their similar nature, would classify as sin? He appeared to be in good health, but within a year of this happening he died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Clearly, smoking is a sin. God does not say it is wrong." The word is the one used of the temple at Jerusalem that contained the Holy place and the Holy of Holies which was the dwelling place of God. There is another aspect of this matter that is as serious as the health problems smoking causes and that is the ruined testimony of smokers who profess Christ as Savior. There was a break and I was waiting to see if anyone else had a prayer request. Is smoking a sin? Smokers die significantly earlier than nonsmokers: 13.2 years for men and 14.5 years for women. "For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith" (Romans 1:17). Children who regularly inhale secondhand smoke are more prone to suffer from asthma, chronic cough, and reduced lung growth and function. Several times in messages I used have my personal experience as an illustration of how God helped me to overcome smoking. I have failed my friend and I have most of all failed the Lord. Being concerned for her I visited with her and she shared how she was also had been trying to quit smoking. So smoking in moderation is not a sin… and committing suicide is a sin. Is Smoking a Sin? Thank the Lord she had neighbors who were a godly retired couple and for many years they witnessed to her. Let us see what God says: " Let's discuss it! No, and yes smoking pot is indeed a sin. However, to have a grasp of the bigger picture, we must keep in mind other very common similar issues that are often neglected. Yet, she had never smoked a cigarette in her life. by Matt Slick The Bible does not address the issue of smoking cigarettes. I have seen the horrible pain caused as tobacco caused cancer in its final stages as it ate through the bodies of people coming through the skin. The reality is that his smoking killed his wife that he dearly loved and now misses terribly. Science has clearly shown that smoking is harmful to our bodies. Is smoking a sin? Does becoming drunk or smoking get you closer to God than not dealing with such things? I do not believe you are offering me a cigarette!" 5:22). I took a deep draw on the "weed" and although for a moment it made me dizzy the old pleasure came back. I have watched the pain of smokers having ugly fits of coughing and yet in a few minutes later light another cigarette. Many studies have shown that in the first two years of life, babies of parents who smoke at home have a much higher rate of lung diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia than babies with non-smoking parents. The urge to smoke was so great and I was having a real "nicotine fit" and I gave in and I brought a pack hurriedly lifting one to my mouth. I was like the fellow in the TV commercial advertising a system to quit smoking. The reason I could not quit was even though I did want to and knew it was wrong....deep down I enjoyed smoking and did not really want to quit! That is the response of one who will never overcome smoking because they are denying the truth about its destructive affects. in conclusion, according to scientists smoking is a sin. Smoking is very close to “objectively immoral,” but even there, the Church has apparently not declared it to be a sin, and it certainly has not done so with regard to boxing. This is yet another reason why smoking is a sin. That is the characteristics of law from God. What happened next I will never forget. You bet it is! She was seeking his help, yet he then told her smoking was OK and there wasn't anything in the Bible against it, and offered her a cigarette! Not a mortal sin, but a fairly serious venial sin. This message is not meant to be scornful or condemning, but it comes from my heart, from the Word of God to help those who are under this addiction. However, it contains principles showing that God does not approve of unhealthy and unclean habits and thus views smoking as a sin. God promises to help us to overcome any sin and cleanse us from it if we will confess it to God. Alcohol on the other hand does, not to be a drunkard. I have always thought it was, with the caveat that the Bible does not expressly forbid it. Simply get rid of everything associated with smoking. I knew I was a bad testimony for the Lord and a bad example to my son, my wife, my church and those youth I worked with. PRIVACY POLICY, https://assetsnffrgf-a.akamaihd.net/assets/m/502018127/univ/art/502018127_univ_sqr_xl.jpg. I would have remained a defeated Christian really unfit for the Lord's use. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Most generally, the case is made that we should be good stewards of our bodies. Yet, God has all … What justifications could there be for smoking? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.". In all my years as a pastor I have never seen any spiritually strong or mature Christian who smoked. He said "I have quit a thousand times." With pipe and cigars, since we don’t inhale, there is no intake of nicotine in the lungs. It bothered me greatly and honestly, from that day on I had no respect for this deacon in our church. The Prophet, peace be upon him, is reported to have said, 'Do not harm yourselves or others.' Breeden and Ward look to the Bible’s teaching on alcohol as the biblical basis for whether recreational marijuana usage is permissible. As marijuana use moves inward from the fringes of societal view, the church must be ready with a biblical response. One of the guys knowing that I was a Christian said to me “hey I know you’re a Christian what does the Bible say about smoking “bang?” I was starving and had just started eating my well-made chapati and quickly said, “it is a sin.” I was delivered from demons of smoking, two hours very hard and exhausting battle of casting out spirits.. After smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for 35 years. My sister smoked constantly lighting one cigarette with another. Clearly smoking shorten her life. She was having a hard time quitting. Here Paul makes a transition to another related subject. Before I became a Christian I was a pothead. If it is not a sin, it is not a sin no matter what. Would you like to read this article in %%? If a Christian is unsure of why to quit smoking and unsure as to whether or not it constitutes sin, our article entitled “What is the Christian view of smoking? Is it a sin to smoke? However, if smoking is wrong, why isn’t eating high fat foods or candy wrong? Moreover, the fact that most smokers are addicted to smoking indicates that they have given up some of their freedom. Simply put, smoking is suicide. Earlier Paul had admonished them for specific sinful acts. One example of this is the situation of the man sick of palsy. I have seen professing Christian farmers who made most of their income by raising tobacco lie to themselves and to other claiming there was nothing wrong with smoking. God's word was recorded for all generations, every culture and every time period (1 Peter 1:25). Even if smoking was not a sin, and clearly it is, it certainly falls under the heading of not being expedient. Is smoking a sin? Of course no one can find a scripture in the Christian Bible that says something like "Thou shalt not smoke cigarettes or cigars." There are many examples in the Bible where Christ showed people that their health problems were caused by sin. For example: It is not sinful to fish, hunt, sew, collect things, etc. That does not mean that it is easy to quit and, although I have never smoked, I know how hard bad habits can be to quit. Smoking is certainly a sin and God does condemn smoking in His word." Smoking is the opposite. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God" (Rom. I prayed about it in earnest, but I could get no victory over it. Therefore, we need to look at other scriptures and see if we can derive an answer. Pete arrived and we headed for the river. Smoking is also linked to pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular disease. Smoking is also a major factor in a variety of other conditions and disorders, including slowed healing of wounds, infertility, and peptic ulcer disease. The conviction that griped my heart at that moment was overpowering. as i know of several nuns ,brothers and priests that smoke cigarettes and they do not feel they are commiting a sin. Smoking by pregnant women seems to predispose premature babies to respiratory distress syndrome. know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? This Christian man helped destroy a young babe in Christ seeking to justify his own sin. Over the years as a pastor I have been by the bed side of many people who were dying as a result of smoking and I have conducted many of their funerals. Copyright © 2020 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Smoking marijuana just to get high can be damaging too. I believe it is. We were all praying for her. Another young mother in our church who because of her background was really struggling with living for Christ. Their minds focus on obtaining and using drugs rather than on upbuilding thoughts.​—Philippians 4:8. It may come as a surprise to many of my former acquaintances that I occasionally smoke a cigar or pipe, about once a week. Another good part of this story was that about a year after she was saved her husband was also saved and now her daughter who is about twelve years old. A dear friend our ours died several years ago due to lung cancer the doctors said came from smoking. Smoking was one part of her problems. Barnes says, "There are many things which, in themselves, may not appear to us to be positively wrong, but winch are so considered by large and respectable portions of the community; and for us to do them would be regarded as inconsistent and improper."

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