Waddington's conclusion has received overwhelming support amongst recent critics. The tube V, on the contrary, is attached to the cradle, and merely forms a support for the finder Q, the handles at f and p, and the moving ring P. The latter gives quick motion in position angle; the handles at p clamp and give slow motion in position angle, those at f clamp and give slow motion in right ascension and declination. High quality example sentences with “appreciate your support” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English There would be no pressure on Kiera, and Evelyn would be there to support her. support in a sentence. 1933569 I appreciate your support. 2. The following sentences support the topic sentence with precise descriptive details: 1. In May of this year he had an important interview with Bismarck, who wished to secure his support for the reform of the confederation, and after the war was over at once accepted the position of a Prussian subject, and took his seat in the diet of the North German Confederation and in the Prussian parliament. He relied more than ever on the support of the popular party, which then obtained the reforming Ordonnance Cabochienne (so called from Simon Caboche, a prominent member of the gild of the butchers). of France, who now sent an army into Italy to conquer the Milanese, obtained the support of the Florentines. The blind alone could not support it, but it would not take very much money to make up the additional expense. He soon saw that this would be impossible unless there were a general reform of all institutions, and therefore gave his support to the policy of the advanced party in the Assembly, denouncing the conduct of Louis XVI., and on the 10th of August 1792 voting in favour of his deposition. In order to secure popular support for the Hochberg heir, Charles in 1818 granted to the grand-duchy, under article xiii. CK 1 2645805 Tom needs your support . Jenn didn't approach, instead sinking into the shadows of one of the many pillars providing support all along the main floor. Hello, I'm looking for help in extracting a sentence from a string (this is a charecter variable in sas), that has a specific word. You have my total support. Examples of Supportive in a sentence Adam was supportive during his wife's weight loss journey by working out with her at the gym. Indeed the support of the London Missionary Society has come to devolve almost wholly on Congregationalists, a responsibility recognized by the Union in 1889 and again in 1904. 0. latex gloves to life support machines. "We may not need the Council's support if you maintain as you have," Ne'Rin replied. a sentence with information that supports a main idea or claim To his insistence in 1860 that the Democratic party should support his claim to the protection of slavery in the territories by the Federal government, the disruption of that party was in large measure due. He had about the same time begun to buy up leading German newspapers, one of his main objects being to organize a solid and powerful bloc of opinion in Germany in support of law and order and the promotion of the highest industrial and commercial efficiency. He turned to see Katie supporting Hannah as they entered the Sanctuary courtyard. As soon as the uhlans descended the hill, the hussars were ordered up the hill to support the battery. A subtopicEvey sentence in your paragraph should support your topic sentence. C. Coote in his Romans of Britain elaborated a description of the survival of Roman influence in English institutions, but his views did not obtain much support from London historians. This last attempt to win support for the Magyar solution was everywhere met with a blank refusal, and in Bosnia especially the Orthodox, Catholic and Moslem leaders united in a manifesto assuring him of their adherence to the full programme of Yugoslav unity. This selection depends on the fact that more young are born than the natural provision of food will support. During the Terror he was one of those deputies of the centre who supported Robespierre; but he was gained over by the members of the Mountain hostile to Robespierre, and his support, along with that of some other leaders of the Marais, made possible the 9th Thermidor. Since the authority of the League rested primarily on the moral support of its members, allied in common trade interests and acquiescing in the able leadership of Lubeck, its only means of compulsion was the "Verhansung," or exclusion of a recalcitrant town from the benefits of the trade privileges of the League. 1916, at the time of the first Military Service bill, from pledging themselves to support the Government in the prosecution of the war; but he declared at the same time, to the general surprise, that he and his friends were the most bitterly antiGerman section of the people. He at once received the support of the northern lords, and as he marched southwards the whole kingdom was soon practically at his command. It will serve to support the pastor, and what is left over shall be given to the poor. 4. Supporting sentences are the biggest part of a paragraph because they can consist of several sentences. in line, 5th and 3rd Australian in support, 2nd Australian in reserve); and the III. On the other hand, the State, which could count upon the support of an ever-increasing number of prosperous and loyal subjects, sought to protect its own interests and showed itself less and less inclined to tolerate the extreme claims of the pope. This sentence not only identifies the prized belonging ("an old, slightly warped, blond guitar") but also suggests why the writer values it ("the first instrument that I ever taught myself how to play"). The net yearly cost of support and relief from 1884 to 1904 averaged $2,136,653, exclusive of vagrancy cases (average $31,714). The special features of the institution were the strong tie of faith and service which bound the man, the support and rewards given by the lord, and the pride of both in the relationship. These strange plants usually grow in rocky places with little or no earth to support them; and it is said that in times of drought the cattle resort to them to allay their thirst, first ripping them up with their horns and tearing off the outer skin, and then devouring the moist succulent parts. Jean, and would accept battle there, in a selected position to the south of the Forest of Soignes, provided he was assured of the support of one of Blucher's corps. At the top is a bramble of copper-wound strings, each one hooked through the eye of a silver tuning key. In steep pitching beds sufficient excavated material is allowed to remain in the stope for the support of the machines and men, the excess being drawn out from time to time and loaded into cars. In the 17th century the lovers of the new philosophy, the investigators of nature by means of observation and experiment, banded themselves into academies or societies for mutual support and intercourse. In terms of a treaty concluded in 1867 for ten years, renewed in 1877 for a similar period, and continued in 1887 with the proviso that it should be terminable on two years' notice, the finances and the entire government of Waldeck-Pyrmont are managed by Prussia, the little country having found itself unable to support unassisted the military and other burdens involved by its share in the North German Confederation of 1867-187 r and subsequently as a constituent state of the German empire. The boulder clay or " hard pan " of which most of the surface lands are composed, forms a very indifferent support for vegetation, and consequently the state is not well adapted for the growing of crops. CK 1517212 She gave me moral support. It was good to get out of the flat, get a few beers in, read the paper and get some moral support from people. The topic sentence should present the claim, or main idea, that you will develop and support within the rest of the paragraph. Chunk was to support her. It is a Madeira folk guitar, all scuffed and scratched and finger-printed. He had already declined to support the jihad. The daily outpour of heat from the sun at the present time suggests a profound argument in support of the nebular theory. Evidence drawn from drift-wood, wrecks or special drift bottles is less distinct but still interesting and often useful; this method of investigation includes the use of icebergs as indicators of the trend of currents and also of plankton, the minute swimming or drifting organisms so abundant at the surface of the sea. he kept saying, glancing for support at an officer of the suite who turned away from him. It created a relationship of protection and support on one side, and of free service on the other. support example sentences. supporting sentence - these are the sentences within a paragraph that support the topic sentence (therefore, the main idea of that paragraph). 2 a (1) : to promote the interests or cause of. Another word for support. The duke was to stand fast to receive the attack, whilst the Prussians should close round Napoleon's exposed right and support Wellington's left. When these processes continue for a long time in deep water shut off from free circulation so that it does not become aerated by contact with the atmosphere the water becomes unfit to support the life of fishes, and when the accumulation of putrefying organic matter gives rise to sulphuretted hydrogen as in the Black Sea below 125 fathoms, life, other than bacterial, is impossible. Making their way up from a position among the nobility to be the rulers of the land, and finally to supplant the kings, the Carolingians had especial need of resources from which to purchase and reward faithful support. All Rights Reserved. In 1543-1544 he commanded the fleet which Suleiman sent to the coast of Provence to support Francis I. support for something There is strong public support for the policy. That he was not opposed to labour was shown by his earlier support of the bill limiting the scope of injunctions against striking employees. She agreed with their plan of an armed congress, and on this idea both she and Fersen insisted with all their might, Fersen leaving Brussels and going on a mission to the emperor to try and gain support and checkmate the émigrés, whose desertion the queen bitterly resented, and whose rashness threatened to frustrate her plans and endanger the lives of her family. It is more probable that the breach of the compact was due to Polycrates, for when Cambyses of Persia invaded Egypt (525) the Samian tyrant offered to support him with a naval contingent. These are first copper-plated and soldered to … 0. life-support training which is a mandatory professional requirement. If rock-filling must be brought from the surface its use will generally be confined to mines in which it is difficult to support the roof in any other way. The identification of dogma with revelation remains, with another distinction in support of it, between " material dogmas " (all scriptural or traditional truth) and " formal " or ecclesiastically formulated dogmas. At Wilmington is the Ferris industrial school for boys, a private reformatory institution to which New Castle county gives $146 for each boy; and the Delaware industrial school for girls, also at Wilmington, receives financial support from both county and state. As governor he gave Washington able support and sent out the expedition under George Rogers Clark into the Illinois country. 3. The pope was, however, compelled to modify his measures by the threat that if the people could not obtain the services of religion they would not support the clergy, and that heresy would spread. If you support someone or their ideas or aims, you agree with them, and perhaps help them because you want them to succeed. He defeated the troops of Merwan I., but could not win the support of the Kharijites. June 14, 2020. Sentence example with the word 'support' support A-frame, applaud, bear up, certification, crosstree, favorer, go, keep, mothering, persevere, put up with Definition n. the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities Last update: May 3, 2016. He assured me of his full support. The age distribution of the population of Ireland lends some support to this view. 1 people chose this as the best definition of support: Support is defined as to... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The substance is now placed on the support already mentioned, and the apparatus closed to the air by inserting the cork at D and turning the cock C. By turning or withdrawing the support the substance enters the bulb; and during its vaporization the free limb of the manometer is raised so as to maintain the mercury at a. A similar sacrifice in the shape of pillars is often necessary to support the surface, either to avoid injury to valuable structures or to prevent a flooding of the mine. It not unfrequently happens that some of the larger houses have one or more partitions, but these are only posts of the main building left by the builders to support the roof, for the apartments have usually no communication with each other except by water. The state contributes to the support of the Church, builds its churches and provides for the salaries of its clergy, and at the same time it has the right to approve or reject all ecclesiastical appointments and to permit or forbid the execution of all decrees of the Roman See relating to Venezuela. Comte, regarding himself as the promoter of a great scheme for the benefit of humanity, might reasonably look for the support of his friends in the fulfilment of his designs. Once arrived she gave herself heartily to Urban's cause, and wore her slender powers out in restraining his impatient temper, quieting the revolt of the people of Rome, and trying to win for Urban the support of Europe. The army which overthrew Tupac Amaru consisted chiefly of loyal Indians, and the rebellion was purely anti-Spanish, and had no support from the Spanish population. Dr Karen McDonnell, OSH Policy Adviser at RoSPA, explains why seeking to influence policy and legislative change is one of many routes taken by RoSPA to meet its vision of life free from serious accidental injury. What are. In these cases the grandmother often gives financial help as well as moral support. It is reported that William sent a private message to Ansgar asking for his support. In the Rhynchonellidae there are two short slender curved laminae, while in many genera and even families, such as the Productidae, Strophomenidae, Lingulidae, Discinidae, &c., there exists no calcified support for the labial appendages. Thank you for your continuing support. rested on Berber support, and from that time forth till the advent of the Turks the dynasties of North Africa were really native, even when they claimed descent from some illustrious Arab stock. to make an attempt to reconcile the church with the republic. 2. The latter bitterly offended the Londoners, who, finding that they could turn the scales to either side, named the Commune as the price of their support of John. They have something they love and want to do, but if market forces are not such that they can support themselves doing that, they have to do something else. Ninety-eight divisions were in line and others in support, but neither physically nor morally were these troops all that could be desired. But in the midst of the parliament the death of the Black Prince robbed the commons of their strongest support. As in the case of similar formations generally, they are endowed with a sensitiveness to touch which enables them to grasp and coil themselves round any suitable object which comes in their way, and thus to support the plant. They, however, refused to acknowledge Gardiner's authority, and from the Cape government he received no support.'. I was conflicted; should I support the love of my life or be more pragmatic? It comprised the following items: the formation of a constitution which would strengthen the monarchy by calling to it the support of the whole nation, the drafting of a scheme of local self-government on democratic lines, the reform of the administration of justice and of the criminal law, and the abolition of the most burdensome of feudal and class privileges. The state controls professional and technical schools through the regents' examinations of candidates for admission to such schools and to the professions, determines the minimum requirements for admission to college by the regents' academic examinations, maintains the large State Library and the valuable State Museum, and occasionally makes a gift to a college or a university for the support of courses in practical industries; but it maintains no college or university that is composed of a teaching body. Pompey came to support him. Cornelius Sulla for the payment of his soldiers; Nero removed no fewer than 500 bronze statues from the sacred precincts; Constantine the Great enriched his new city by the sacred tripod and its support of intertwined snakes dedicated by the Greek cities after the battle of Plataea. Others contend, and feel they have science to support, that humans can live beyond five hundred. 7- 39188 Al-Yassiri's commander radios for air support shouting to his men Fight, heroes, fight!""" The eldest, Thuweni, with British support, finally obtained the throne, and in 1862 an engagement was entered into by the French and English governments respecting the independence of the sultans of Oman. Nearly two-thirds of Republican voters expressed support. He maintained excellent relations with Pope John XXII., who made overtures to him, indirectly, offering his support in case of his candidature for the imperial crown. At the beginning of the 19th century we find the Erlanger Literaturzeitung (1799-1810), which had replaced a Gelehrte Zeitung (1746); the Leipziger Literaturzeitung (1800-1834); the Heidelbergische Jahrbucher der Literatur (1808-1872); and the Wiener Literaturzeitung (1813-1816), followed by the Wiener Jahrbucher der Literatur (1818-1848), both of which received government support and resembled the English Quarterly Review in their conservative politics and high literary tone. These districts support a large settled population and several considerable towns, of which Bet el Fakih and Zubed in the western and aahej in the southern Tehama, with 4000 to 6000 inhabitants, are the most important. This view finds strong support in the circumstance that the copy of the Draconian laws (C.I.A. from the bottom and the bottom piece is inverted and placed on the fire-bars as a support for the crucible. Further and stronger support was given when J. There are three regular funds in London for the support of hospitals. The differences of salinity support this method, and, especially in the northern European seas, often prove a sharper criterion of the boundaries than temperature itself; this is especially the case at the entrance to the Baltic. As the Guardian, he'd been her emotional support, and he'd imagined this look when she discussed how scared she was of what was going on outside the Peak. It shows an admirable method of supporting the back. Among the latter were the mayor of Zagreb, the poet Vojnovic, and prominent Serb, Croat and Slovene deputies of all parties, including the peasant leader Stephen Radic and the future minister Pribicevic. support somebody/something to support an idea/a view The party fully supports new welfare reform bill. He served in the Continental Congress in 1 7771 779, and was enthusiastic in his support of Washington. The least I can do is support your decision. If a writer claims, for instance, that "Early childhood education programs provide cognitive benefits well beyond preschool," the second, third, and fourth sentences will include information supporting the main idea in the topic sentence. Among the gildsmen there was a strong spirit of fraternal cooperation or Christian brotherhood, with a mixture of worldly and religious ideals - the support of the body and the salvation of the soul. 6. When Stephen seized the crown on the death of Henry I., he tried successfully to obtain the support of the people of London. Examples of and support in a sentence: 1. a : to give help or assistance to (someone or something) The charity supports needy families. During this peculiar locomotion the numerous broad shields of the belly are of great advantage, as by means of their free edges the snake is enabled to catch and use as points of support the slightest projections of the ground. In support of that theory it is pointed out that the average Japanese, man or woman, will recount a death or some other calamity in his own family with a perfectly calm, if not a smiling, face. As a social reformer, Maurice was before his time, and gave his, eager support to schemes for which the world was not ready. 6- Iraq pointedly did not request U.S. air support when it launched the offensive in early March. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Fred's lady friends will provide all the support I need. It was good to get out of the flat, get a few beers in, read the paper and get some moral support from people. Did she need it to support herself? After his death his doctrines obtained the support of the Empress Eudocia and made considerable progress in Syria. Child support in a sentence 1 He defaulted on his child support payments. A lay reaction against the theocratic pretensions of Dagobert, who was counting on Norman support, was responsible for the summons; and in the strength of that reaction Baldwin was able to become the first king of Jerusalem. Definition of support. Further, he threatened the existence of the Bank of England, by lending his support to a counter-institution, the Land Bank, which ignominiously collapsed. Lesson Eight. They are the rise and support of our commerce. It is impossible to describe this machinery within the limits of this article, but it is notable that the principal difficulties to be overcome arise from the necessity of providing the glass with a perfectly continuous and unyielding support to which it can be firmly attached but from which it can be detached without undue difficulty. Roman Catholics support about 150 clerical day schools attended by about 11,500 scholars. After the resignation of President Grevy (2nd of December 1887), he was a candidate for the presidency of the republic, but the radicals refused to support him, and he withdrew in favour of Sadi Carnot. Ths construction of the framework of the Japanese roof is such that thc weights all act vertically; there is no thrust on the outer walls and every available point of the interior is used as a means of support. While the mine workings are small the overlying rocks support themselves of and the full pressure does not come upon the mine Caving p i llars. The Dutch, who had to pay subventions to their German allies, and to support a large army, could spare little for their fleet. Otto failed to take Mainz and Augsburg; but an attempt on the part of Conrad and Ludolf to gain support from the Magyars, who had seized the opportunity to invade Bavaria, alienated many of their supporters.

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