The first technology in question is FreeFlex, a carbon mapping feature that allows for more manoeuvrability of the frame, meaning comfortable-to-reach accuracy with every stroke. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it after 5 minutes of waiting. With regard to the backhand slice the Wilson Clash could shine again. The matt surface of the frame also gives the racket a noble look. *This offer is valid for 30 days after receipt and excludes custom rackets, stringing machines, and services such as restringing or demo rentals. I personally prefer the Wilson Clash 100 Tour, but if you aren’t playing tennis on a competitive level, I would recommend going with the regular Wilson Clash 100. This model has the largest racket head and sweetspot in the Clash family. You also benefit from this racket if you want to play your forehand or backhand from the baseline at high speed into the opponent’s field. The Wilson Clash 100 brings racquet revolution to life. Similar in spec to other Wilson frames, the Wilson Clash 100 is anything but similar. $349.95. As one of the leading manufacturers of tennis equipment, Wilson brings out new tennis rackets every season. Here is an overview of all specs of the Wilson Clash 100: Here we find three characteristics in which the Wilson differs significantly from other rackets. As a premium string, they are widely considered to be the softest and most comfortable tennis strings. Recommended String Tension: 50 - 60 lbs. HL. *This racket ships unstrung. During the test we used the slice on the backhand side more often. At 11 ounces strung and boasting a low 312-RDC swingweight, this stick is ideal for the intermediate player who wants ultra easy acceleration. Overall the Clash 100 feels very forgiving when playing. HL. If you are a player who likes to work with a lot of spin, you should definitely try the Clash 100. In comparison with models of different brands we noticed that the stability of the Clash 100 is a bit lower. *, Clash’s flexibility pairs with best-in-class stability for a playing experience like no other. The Wilson Clash 100L is a mixture of the 100 and 108 model. “The amount of control and stability for such a quick, flexible and comfortable racquet was remarkable. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by Pros for match-play. This procedure is also called “carbon mapping”. Although the Clash 100 does not have as much control as a tournament racquet, it can still keep up with a racquet used by an advanced club player. In total, all testers were satisfied, although some of them hit the slice fewer in their matches. This racquet is as heavy as the Wilson Clash 100 tour, but it … The Wilson Clash 100 uses a revolutionary technology that makes the Clash the world's first racquet intentionally engineered to bend with any swing style. An even bigger difference is the stiffness of the Clash 100. Therefore serve-and-volley players should rather use a different racquet. Flat shots that felt like the ball was already out of bounds still ended up on the court. It might require a slightly looser string tension to help you generate power especially as control is obviously not an issue with the Clash 100, so stringing at a lower tension for more power should still be manageable. A revolutionary technology that makes Clash the world’s first racket intentionally engineered to bend with any swing style. Ask a question. String * Tension * Grip Size * * Required Fields. We took this Clash 100UL playtest with a string setup of Wilson NXT at 50lbs, but check out our Best Tennis String Tension Guide to find out the best combination for your tennis. What remains are timeless, uncontaminated designs, meticulous in detail and bold in their beauty. Compared to the Clash 100L, there are only two characteristics that differ between the two rackets. A very popular option for restring upgrades on this racket is the Luxilion Smart String at 45lbs as it adapts to the swing speeds. Wilson Clash 100 Specs . Groundstrokes -7.5/10 This increases the flexibility of the frame. Additionally the string pattern helps you to transfer a strong backspin to the ball. More precisely, it has the same head size as the Clash 100, but the weight of 280 g is identical to the Wilson Clash 108. The strings you use also make a huge difference. Some of the best strings for tennis elbow (and the most expensive) are natural gut strings. *Pros often customize the racket they use. increase decrease. However, this does not mean that the net is a forbidden zone for the Clash. Availability: In stock. I strung it with the same strings/tension as my Wilson Ultra tour and I can tell that Ultra tour is more flexible and softer. © 2020 Wilson Sporting Goods All rights reserved. The Wilson Clash 100 Tour is one of the heaviest rackets in the Clash line. Wilson Clash 98 Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £183.99 . It is only 55 RA, which means that the frame is extremely flexible. At the same time, the racquet provides you with a decent amount of power. The Clash racquets are uniquely flexible, but also offer greater stability than any carbon fiber racquet on the market. The Clash 100 from Wilson combines two revolutionary technologies to create a high-quality, versatile racket that will help you to achieve your very best on the court. String: Tension Crosses: Tension Mains: "W" Stencil: Edit Remove + Add Strings to this Racket . The Clash 108 corrects badly hit balls even better than the Clash 100. The price of the string will be added to your order once processed. Wilson Clash 100 Roland Garros Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £220.00 . Wilson Clash 100: 21-26 kg / 48-58 lb: Head Gravity Pro: 21-25 kg / 48-57 lb: Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) 20-27 kg / 45-60 lb: Lower vs. Higher String Tension. In addition to tennis rackets for adults, there are also models for kids. More precisely, this racquet has a head size of 645 cm². Qty. Wilson Clash 98. What makes the Clash special is what lies under the hood. What makes the Clash special is what lies under the hood. Wilson Clash 100 Tour. Wilson’s Clash technology combination of StableSmart and FreeFlex have brought something new to the racquet industry. String Tension Range: 47-57 lbs: Be the first to review this product. The incredible spin potential of this racquet amazed us all. In addition, the Clash 100’s flexibility provides a very soft feel when hitting the ball. Recreational players who want extra maneuverability will be more than satisfied with this model. The lighter version of the Clash rackets. Custom-strung rackets ship in 5 - 7 Days. The main target group consists of tennis players with a modern playing style. Jan Houkes 6 April 2019 at 16:50. Most of the balls landed in the court, but we would have liked more accuracy. In addition, the open string pattern (19×16) allowed us to add a lot of spin to the ball. Length: 27in / 68,5cm. Unlike recreational or club players, they require less support for power and spin. Tension: Stringing information for Wilson Clash 100 Tour Racquet: Tension range 48 to 58 pounds, optimum 53 pounds. Clash is 200% more vertically flexible than the leading racket. However, the control suffers slightly. Wilson himself describes the Clash as one of the greatest revolutions in the history of tennis rackets. On the other hand, you can choose a model that supports you with great power. This is a low tension for a 100 sq inch racquet I admit, but I wanted to see how it played at low tensions since I had heard about the stiffness rating in the 50s. Secure shopping +44 (0) 2033 182 147. (310 grams) and 11 pts. This puts this model in the “Midplus” category. Unstrung Weight: 295g/10,4oz. Both have a 100 square-inch head, 16×19 string pattern and a constant 24.5 mm beam. Wilson recommends a tension range in the low to mid 50s for multifilament strings, and in the mid 40s with polyester strings.If you are looking for more weight, check out the Clash 100 Tour. It is just more difficult to play a precise volley there. Add to Cart | Add to Compare; Add to Wishlist; Details . You're eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $99. From the visual point of view, this makes the racket a real eye-catcher. This is the heaviest Wilson Clash available right now. Below we compare the different versions with each other. So, you can tell we enjoyed this racket, but read on for a more in-depth review of the Wilson Clash 100UL! Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-7967, if you have any issues accessing information on this website. An unstrung 100 checks in at 10.4 oz. Swingweight: 312. On the one hand, you can choose a racket that mainly offers you good control. Wilson Clash 100L Product Range: Wilson Tennis Rackets Introduced in: 2019 - June. In general, this model is very arm-friendly as it optimally absorbs the vibrations of the frame. Wilson has also released bags and backpacks in the clash version to match all rackets. This distinctive power is especially interesting for baseline players. You can recognize this by the name of the model. A racket for the modern player has arrived. In fact, this model is by far the most flexible racket on the market. Tried the Tour twice; i was extremely impressed. This means that you use as much topspin as possible in your basic strokes. Wilson Clash 100 Racquet Customer feedback. WR005611U1, WR005611U2, WR005611U3, WR005611U4, 100 sq in headsize and weight offer ideal balance of power and control, Powered by proprietary carbon mapping, FreeFlex allows the frame to bend in all-new dimensions for maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control, StableSmart creates a unique frame geometry for the most flexible frame in tennis, delivering best-in-class stability and power, Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response, Uncontaminated design features clean lines, bold color accents and elastic finish of current Wilson performance racket design DNA, Receive $25 towards your next purchase on Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £159.99 . Similar in spec to other Wilson frames, the Wilson Clash 100 is anything but similar. One is the beam width, which at 24.5 mm is above average. It proved to favor consistency over raw power, yet it still delivered enough zip on serves and ground strokes to go up against the biggest hitters in the category. Clash is 100% as stable as the leading racket. Much like its lighter brother, the Clash 100 Pro’s easy power was immediately evident. The FreeFlex carbon mapping construction allows the racket to be flexible. The Wilson Clash 98 has many similarities to the 100 Pro model. Softer Strings and Lower Tension. It’s a good thing that Wilson’s team is quick to respond to messages; I inquired about what they recommend for string and tension. Plenty of power. Overall, the racket is suitable for the ambitious hobby player to the experienced club player. This is the question we are looking at in today’s test report. New to the family is the Clash 108which will change how we think of oversize racquets. Feb 11, 2019 There are two frames in the initial launch: Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour. So, you can tell we enjoyed this racket, but read on for a more in-depth review of the Wilson Clash 100UL! With the Wilson Clash, the development team took more than twice as long to create the final model. With the Clash 100 Pro Wilson has created a uniquely flexible modern player's racquet with easy spin, controllable power and great feel. Buy tennis rackets, balls, clothes, strings and shoes with a 5% DISCOUNT on the lowest internet price PLUS a free string upgrade (worth £30) from our trusted retail partner All Things Tennis. As a fan of oversize racquets, I was really pumped to take the Clash 108 to the courts for a play test. The serve is essential in tennis. String pattern: 16×19; String tension: 21-25 kg (recommended) Here we find three characteristics in which the Wilson differs significantly from other rackets. For me, string the racquet up with nylon at 58 lbs or do a combo with poly about 53 lbs, nylon about 58 lbs, then experiment. The result is a racket that exudes unmatched confidence and free-swinging accuracy - a racket that delivers a playing experience unlike any before. The first is the lower weight and the slightly stiffer frame. Description. Wednesday, November 25 2020 . This racket supported us in hitting the forehand and backhand. The balance point is 32 cm, which makes the racquet head light. White and red lettering on the racquet neck complete the overall look of the Clash. They create rackets that want to be held and a psychological edge for the player bold enough to pick one up. Buy the Wilson Clash with an exclusive 5% tennishead discount. Here is my take as a 70 year old ranked hacker, stringer for 16 years, owner of the Clash 100 weighted and balanced to 11 5/8 oz, 7 pts. Wilson Clash Review: String Installation. Wilson is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. Because of a rebranding this model is now called the Clash 100 Pro. Clash Fast Facts: 215% more flexible than the leading racket* 200% more vertically flexible than the leading racket* Strung Weight: 312g / 11oz. We took this Clash 100UL playtest with a string setup of Wilson NXT at 50lbs, but check out our Best Tennis String Tension Guide to find out the best combination for your tennis. Save 10% When You Buy 2 or More Performance Rackets. Both Clash were strung at 24 / 23kg, the Clash (295g) with Luxilon Savage, the Clash Tour (310g) with Luxilon Alu Power Soft. ... Wilson Clash 100 Tour: 48-58 lbs. Thus you can also reduce the risk of arm injuries. According to Wilson, these are the result of two special technologies. Customers also like. Basically, the Wilson Clash 100L is perfect for recreational players. Instead, control is extremely important to them, which is why they stick with their regular tournament rackets. With the grey stripes on the sides, Wilson managed a perfect transition to the black throat. £149.99 . Quantity: Add to Cart. Which technologies are these? *If the string you want is not in the menu, select "String not in this menu" and on the next page type the name of the string into the stringing instructions. We’ll see if other racket manufacturers will now jump on this bandwagon and develop comparable models. Wilson Clash 100 Pro/Tour Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £159.99 . On the one Hand, the light weight increases the maneuverability of the racket. The third point is the relatively low string tension, which is set at 21-25 kg. When stringing tennis racquets, a common question that surfaces for players is whether they should string with a higher or lower tension and what impact the change will have on their racquet’s performance. This creates a more consistent feel across the string bed. Bought the Clash due to rotator cuff partial tears, arm tendonitis. Fast serves are no problem with this model. FREE PROFESSIONAL STRINGING: 3-5 DAYS. Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm². What makes the Clash special is what lies under the hood. Expect future releases with varying head sizes and weights. Introducing the Clash 100, a uniquely flexible racquet with explosive speed, easy spin and great feel. With a more surgical head size and a slightly higher swingweight, the Clash 98 is the most control-oriented and stable frame in the series to date. Wilson Clash Racquet Review – First Impressions. If you don’t like the Wilson Clash 100, we have a bonus for you here. Control is not bad. With a 100 square inch head size, a solid 11 ounce strung weight, and an open 16x19 string pattern, the Clash 100 is a great feeling racquet for a wide variety of player types looking for a mixture of power, control, and spin. From our point of view, they almost succeeded. Keep up to date with the breaking news & tennis action at our tennis news section; Win amazing prizes by entering our competitions Especially aggressive baseliners will love this model, because you can generate a lot of power with a small amount of effort. Balance: 31,98cm / 7 pts HL. I'm using Wilson Clash at the moment and don't find it that flexible/soft. (295 grams) and 10 pts. In principle, all testers were able to achieve good results with the racket. On the other hand, the Wilson Clash 100 showed a little weakness in the volleys at net. In the mains, I strung with 1.25 mm (16L) gauge Luxilon Alu Power at 50 pounds (22.68 kg). Stringing information for Wilson Clash 100 Racquet: Tension range 48 to 58 pounds, optimum 53 pounds. Your control will improve significantly. For these reasons, the Clash 108 is aimed more at beginners. With a stiffness of only 55 RA, it is the best choice for players who suffered from arm injuries. Typically, the time to develop a new racket model is approximately 18 months. For Optimal String Performance Wilson Recommends: Comfort: Wilson Sensation Plus; Control: Luxilon Smart FreeFlex uses proprietary carbon mapping to generate new dimensions of frame bending, giving players free-swinging accuracy with every stroke. Description The manifestation of Wilson's most noteworthy racket innovation, Clash 100 features a pair of technologies that work together to create ultimate control. Wilson introduces two new technologies to the Clash line of racquets that deliver's unparalleled power and control. This gives you the ability to distribute the balls very precisely on the court. IMO Poslano sa mog SM-G960F koristeći Tapatalk . With the Clash rackets, Wilson have been able to create a frame that is highly flexible but does not sacrifice on stability. Because of the good maneuverability you are able to cut the tennis ball from below in an optimal way. Basically, one could assume that with such a high degree of flexibility, the stability of the Wilson Clash would suffer. The trick is to find the correct string, tension … Black Weekend Deals - up to 75% reduced Free delivery over £49. As a result, you have more control. Normally, when you have a softer string like a natural gut or a multi in a hybrid setup with a stiffer string, the softer string needs to be strung at a higher tension. Typically, the focus is on improving existing models and technologies to bring tennis players the best on-court experience. Was £190.00 20% off. This again underlines the versatility of the Wilson Clash 100. I had not read any … The higher weight of this racquet gives you more stability when hitting the ball. This way you can effectively put your opponent under pressure. Clash holds the ball 23% longer than the leading racket before exploding it off the string bed .*. We have tested it intensively on the court for you. Since the frame can now bend in several new directions, the tennis ball stays longer in the racket’s string bed when it comes into contact with the racket. For our playtest with the Clash 100, we went for a string setup of Babolat RPM strung … The trick is to find the correct string, tension for your game. Like the other racquets in the Clash family, this 98 model features a low stiffness rating for a comfortable feel with good pocketing. Yonex VCore Pro 100: 45-60 lbs. That is the reason why it performed worse in this area. During the test we immediately noticed the big sweet spot of the Clash 100. Also a stiff string such as Alu Power Rough plays best when strung low in my opinion. Wilson Blade 98 16×19 v7: 50-60 lbs. Wilson Clash 100UL Tennis Racket . An even bigger difference is the stiffness of the Clash 100. A highly playable performance racket that maximizes flexibility without sacrificing stability, Clash exudes absolute confidence for players of all ages and styles. Normally these two characteristics are in contrast to each other in tennis. There was a sizable sweet spot on the 100 square inch head and I felt the Tour had a more consistent power level outside the string bed. Currently, the Wilson Clash is a unique racquet that combines control and power in the best possible way.

wilson clash 100 string tension

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