All of the observations and activities on this list can be done during the evening hours. This program is meant to serve as a follow-on or adjunct to the Messier Club from the Astronomical League. Astronomical Data. Im one of those people that gets bored if I dont have a goal, so Ive decided to take on some of the Astronomical League Observing programs. The Astronomical League provides many different Observing Programs. Folder 40: "Observing Sun Spots", n.d. 2 copies Folder 41: "Optical Properties and Mechanical Adjustments of The 6" Refractor", 1957-1958 Instruction Manual (2 bound copies, one "Quad Shop" copy) and Student Work Folder 42: Physics Observing Session Guide, 1971 Item 1: "Physics Observing Session" November 15 1971, 1971 The Astronomical League’s satellite observing program is called the Earth Orbiting Satellite Observers Club and is administered by Tom DeClue of the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society. But many people do not have the time or the resources to drive great distances to achieve dark skies. We honor the OAS members for their achievements. Luckily, I now have the free time to enjoy the hobby again. Check the Astronomical League web site for more details. ... Once you've conquered our short list here, try your luck with the Astronomical League's Urban Club. In the Astronomical League’s Analemma Observing Program, you will observe the Sun’s sky position using a home built device that is similar to a sun dial. As you successfully complete each program, you earn a beautiful certificate and pin. Astronomical League Observing Programs - posted in Deep Sky Observing: Just a quick question for anyone who can help - is there a time limit for observations for AL observing awards? When working on any of the Astronomical League observing programs, one of the choices to be made is what log sheet is to be utilized. Also, check 29 days Moon Index for other Moon images.. Lunar Club Index Right Ascension and Declination 3. Benefits of subscribing through the Indiana Astronomical Society Annual dues of only $7.50 (vs. $30 for an At-Large membership) Eligibility for all Astronomical League observing awards A subscription to The Reflector quarterly magazine The Book Service through which you may buy astronomy-related books at a 10% discount and no shipping charges Observing Aids and Program Guides at reasonable prices Your name will also appear in an upcoming issue of the Reflector magazine and in the Astronomical League’s on-line database. (Add 12 or more to your cart and price will decrease by $2 each.) New Kensington, PA 15068-5864 Astronomical League Online Store : Observing Manuals - Observing Manuals Books & Calendars AL emblem, stickers, bags & more Clothing Mugs Educator's Aids AL Membership ALPO Charts/Aids RASC items 2017 Solar Eclipse AL Donations ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping Astronomical League. Astronomical League Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) SIMBAD Astronomical Database Space Telescope Science Institute (STScl) Astronomy Resources. Previous observations of these objects may be used toward this program as long as they were done in light polluted skies. Astronomical League Lunar Club This program is a list of 100 lunar features to observe. The OAS believes that the Observing Programs offered by the Astronomical League are great opportunities to learn new observing skills. After verification the award is sent by the Astronomical League administrator back to the Deep Sky Chairman and includes a numbered certificate and a lapel pin. If you are not a member and would like to become one, check with your local astronomical society, search for a local society on the Astronomical League Website (, John A Barra - Peoria Astronomical Society, Ken Boquist - Quad-Cities Astronomical Society, Bill Geertsen - Harford County Astronomical Society, David Hasenauer - Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas, Jim Tomney - Baltimore Astronomical Society, Roberto Torres - Southern Cross Astronomical Society, Observing Programs (listed alphabetically),, Urban Observing Program - Deep Sky Objects, Urban Observing Program - Double and Variable Stars, Urban Observing Program - Tips for Observing in Light Polluted Areas, Astronomy clubs in USA by state (affiliated members), Information for Observing Program Coordinators, observing notes. Terry Trees, the coordinator of the Urban Observing Program at the Astronomical League, recommended “Norton’s Star Atlas and Reference Handbook,” a classic now in its 20th edition. As you successfully complete each program, you earn a beautiful certificate and pin. I started several programs years ago, then life happened (son just graduated high school ). JoeTimmerman October 02, 2017 17:44. Club members can participate in any of the Astronomical League observing programs. Evolution of My Wall of Achievement . program coordinator • Some have multiple levels of certification – Caldwell: Silver (70 objects) & Gold (complete list of 109) – ARP Peculiar Galaxies: Northern/Southern - Visual & … Page 1 of 2 - Astronomical League Observing Programs and EAA - posted in Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA): For those EAA/VA enthusiasts who may get stuck in a rut of observing the same targets over and over, I have a suggestion to up the challenge and take a look at the Astronomical Leagues Observing Programs. If you place the mouse over the Observing Club Name and click the mouse, you will be taken to the Astronomical League's Observing Club summary page, explaining the various aspects of that particluar obsercing club program.
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