The bongos are easy to pick up, cheap, and enjoyable to perform with. Most bongo drums cost between $25 and $65, but like any instrument, there are outliers, such as rare, custom-made, or heritage drums. Remember to move in a circular clockwise pattern around each drum (mainly so you don’t lose your place!). ✅ WELL-DESIGNED CONSTRUCTION - Excellent workmanship with the experienced European designer helps to develop a excellent hardware. Anything more we consider unnecessary too. If you plan on hitting the bongos with drumsticks, be careful of the bearing edges, if they get ruined you will have to have the whole skin re-cut. The bigger of the bongo pair would usually be hit with your stronger hand and we have included a video later on in this article to give you some beginner tips to get you going. Despite their low price they produce a decent sound once tuned and are fairly sturdy. Part of the most fun family of drums with a low barrier to entry and a cheaper price, bongos are a great percussion instrument to start a drumming journey. The 3 sizes are the Quinto, the smallest and highest pitch. These are a cheap and fun way for a kid to experiment with sound and beat that won’t shake the walls. They look incredible! This set of classic/traditional bongo drums is perfect for beginners and experienced players It is a percussive instrument for kids!Really strong and sturdy construction – these drums can take a beating.What we didn’t:Nothing! To acquire the accurate sound quality you can easily tune the drum. Learn and play your rhythm on this bongo set! 99. Its excellent timbre worths more than its cost, so it is definitely the right choice at this price. Smooth black powder coated hardware and natural glossy finish for both professionals and starters. RockJam 7″ and 8″ Bongo Drum Set with Padded Bag and Tuning Key, Natural, Remo KD-5400-01 Kids Percussion Bongo Drum – Fabric Rain Forest, 5″-6″, Bongo Drum Set for Adults Kids Beginners Professionals, Upgrade Packaging, Set of 6 and 7 inch Tunable Percussion Instruments, Natural Animal Hides Hickory Shells Wood Metal with Tuning Wrench, Eastar Professional Bongo Drums 7” and 8” Buffalo Leather African Drum Bongos for Adults Musicians Beginners Wood Percussion Instrument with Bag and Tuning Wrench, Special Antique Finish, EBO-21, Click N’ Play Percussion Bongo Drum Set for Kids & Beginners, Wooden Base & Natural Rabbit Skin Heads, Acoustic On Shell, 5″-6″ (CNP3733), Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo Drum – Rhythm Kids, 5″-6″, Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo Drums – Pair of Wooden Bongo Drums, 6.5 & 7.5 Inch – PBND10, MUSICUBE Bongo Drum Set, 2 Sets 6” and 7” Percussion Instrument, FSC Wood and Metal Drum for Kids Adults Beginners Professionals with Tuning Wrench, Rock and Roll It – Bongos. HOMCOM Wooden Bongo Drum Set Φ7.75" & Φ7" w/Sheepskin Drum Head, Percussion Instrument, Drums,Tuning Wrench For Kids Adults Beginners 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £25.99 £ 25 . We are huge fans of best conga drums for beginners and have done our comprehensive research here. It is well constructed wooden drums, not cheap plastic. $38.99 $ 38. There are plenty of bongo drums available in the market. These days there are also musicians trying to incorporate them into their regular drum kit to bring something different to the table. So what are the best bongos to buy as your first set? From here tune the larger drum slowly using half and quarter turns to get the right sound out of your drum. If you are only getting one then you should choose the Segundo as it is the most balanced which is what you would look for as a beginner. Bongo drum prices. The bongos are one of the many hand drums originating from Cuba. You can even buy mini bongos – a pair of which we have included in our top 5. If you want to try, we would highly recommend getting some timbale sticks or timpani mallets. These bongos are a step up from the others – made by renowned percussion producers, the LPs represent affordable quality bongos and at $75 you are getting high-performing hand-drums at a budget price. These days there are also musicians trying to incorporate them into their. Promotes Tactile learning. Therefore, learning and playing bongos is an enjoyable and thrilling adventure. As a result, they produce a more high pitched sound. Bongo drum is a set of two interconnected shells, similar to Congas. Both a pro and a con – they are smaller than your standard pair which means less projection and less depth to sound. However, a small set is recommended for a beginner helping the drummer focus on learning technique before working with a larger array of notes. Tighten the bolts around each drum one full turn. Unlike others, our tops will not tear out or come apart easily during tuning. Smooth black powder coated hardware and also organic shiny finish for both beginners and professionals. Quality design guarantees a resonant, non-boxy sound and no room for dirt deposits - top choice for sure! Then, strike the head near the lugs, where the hooks hang down. Under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system, we are taking the responsibility to help management and production of the world’s forests. Needs a lot of tuning (see the bottom of this article), Just because the music style may take an older ear to appreciate that doesn’t mean the younger generation can’t enjoy these. TUV ASTM certificated products. Round Rim: Eastar EBO-21 Advanced Bongo Drum is equipped with the innovative stainless steel rim which has been polished smoothly so even for the heaviest hitter your hand will not feel any discomfort. Nothing really, they are the perfect cheap pair of bongos for a beginner. Are you looking for the Top 10 best conga drums for beginners? For a final fine adjustment, hold the drums right-side-up. Best Seller in Bongos. There are 4 popular beginner hand drums of African descent. All Rights Reserved. Pre tuned bongo percussion drum set for kids and beginners and a great percussion instrument Starter, Made of high quality solid wood and authentic natural rabbit skin shell, all materials are tested and are safe for kids, Great to introduce your kids to the world of musical instruments while helping them develop their musical, auditory skills and instilling them a passion for music, Perfect for teaching your kids music basics, about percussion, drum beats and other musical techniques, Bongo measurements in inches; 5" Inches in height 5"- 6" Inch head diameter, Synthetic head does not fluctuate in pitch With temperature and humidity changes, Remo percussion instruments have an excellent reputation for holding up in an institutional or heavy use environment, Package Dimensions: 13.716 L x 31.242 H x 16.002 W (centimeters), Hand-crafted Drums: Jazz up the tone of your music with Pyle Wooden bongo drums. It is a wonderful musical souvenir for your loved ones and for beach parties and gatherings! You should also check out this article on tuning and proper care. Typically the drum heads are 6” x 7” and 7” x 8” but you can get larger ones. Canvas storage bag included and fits the drums well. These shells are of different sizes, and the smaller one is known as “macho,” while the larger one is known as “hembra.” The head of the bongo drum is made up of animal skin, while its body is made up of wood. Nothing! However, if you don’t want to spend extra then we have another great option for you is Bongo Drum Set for Adults Kids Beginners Professionals, Upgrade Packaging, Set of 6 and 7 inch Tunable Percussion Instruments, Natural Animal Hides Hickory Shells Wood Metal with Tuning Wrench. Play it anytime without waiting! Then Tycoon Ritmo bongos will be a good place for that as it is a best bongo drums for kids. The bongos consist of a pair of open-bottomed drums of different sizes. 8. What we liked:Looks great with a fun rainforest finishRemo – famous for their drum heads – have made sure that his sounds good and is not just a toy. Check Price On Amazon. Easily tuneable without breaking – Hip Bongo Drums (TM) possess Hickory shells and 4 readily tuneable lugs the best attributes for hand drums! © Best Review Geek | In Affiliate Partnership With, Top 10 Best Gas Powered Plasma Cutter (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, Top 10 Best Manta Ray Barbell Pad Our Picks 2020, Top 10 Best Pool Leaf Rakes Our Picks 2020, Top 10 Best Tire Chains For Pickup (2020 Tests & Reviews), Top 10 Best Flutes For High School Students Our Picks 2020, Top 10 Best Good Microscope For Students (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, Top 10 Best N64 To Hdmi Converter Available in 2020, 10 Best Popcorn Spray Gun Handpicked for You in 2020, Top 10 Best Portable Sports Bench | Our Top Picks in 2020, Top 10 Best Balloon Laucher Available in 2020, Includes Padded Carry Case and Tuning Key, Part of the Remo Kid's Percussion Collection. Just know you will need to get your own tuning tool separately. This is great as music should be accessible and there to get people on their feet and dancing. Smaller than a standard pair which makes them very portable and easy to store. This set of classic/traditional bongo drums is perfect for beginners and experienced players, Amazing Sounds: The drum head is a pure natural 'true skin' animal hide, head delivers a crystal clear acoustical percussion sound.
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