Here is our round-up of the hospitality design trends for 2019/2020, coupled with the images of some of the most beautiful hospitality interiors out there. Millennials enjoy traveling, they’re impulsive, they embrace the latest technology, and they look for personalized interactions. ish, our onsite restaurant. Hotel … From using eco-friendly materials, cleaning products, reducing the amount of trash and all the way to some small, yet brilliant solutions such as opting for branded reusable bottles. The days of matching décor and furniture in every guest room are long gone, and the demand for making hotel rooms feel like home continues to increase. +60126187789, Your email address will not be published. Unique, tailored hotel concepts tend to gain industry-wide attention and despite their targeted strategy, often end up as part of the mainstream. Here is our take on the top hotel design trends of 2020. In this post, we’ll talk about the main trends in hotel decoration in 2020, looking carefully at hotel buffet decoration, hotel room … Some hotels have already chosen to remove the check-in desk entirely, while additional design changes will aim to move guests out of their rooms and into dynamic social spaces. Impressing your hotel guests will give you a necessary advantage when it comes to them sharing their experiences online for everyone to see. But when it comes to hospitality design - creating a unique look and experience is key to achieving business success in 2020! By 2020, designers will use natural elements to blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces, especially in tropical hotels where these spaces flow together. Creating A Great First Impression In Your Foyer, Interior Trends: Pink and Green Love Affair. Optimizing LED lighting may be critical, as the … Hotels by 2020, will have dramatically changed their public spaces, adopting the concept of a living room. While more hotels are reusing towels and installing automatic lights in an effort to be green, others are taking energy conservation and sustainability to new heights. Free parking. There has been a keen focus on the important connection between people and nature because it affects our health and productivity. Some examples offer unique ways to approach travel or to cope with the current lack thereof. Check out 16 hotel marketing trends for 2021. To encourage their guests to socialize, many hotels removed the minibars from their offers and instead focused on turning their communal areas into go-to retreats. To provide a basis for our analysis, we looked at hotel sales transaction trends from Q1 2007 through the end of 2019. Make no mistake, beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and interior design … It will be interesting to see how hotels will accommodate both guests that want face-to-face interaction with humans and those that want a tech-friendly check-in where they can go straight to their room without having to go through any of the formalities. To encourage their guests to socialize, many hotels removed the minibars from their offers and instead focused on turning their communal areas into go-to retreats. Atelier Ace's Sister City hotel, Manhattan. Shift Toward a Circular Economy While our world has traditionally followed the take-make … She directs both the Interior Design and Visual Merchandising divisions while overseeing all decisions made on a day-to-day basis at the firm. The biggest new challenge for the hospitality industry is how to become more sustainable. Coronacations. Mixed-Income Housing and Preconditions for Success, 5 Awesome Sustainable Office Design Trends to Watch for in 2020.
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