@yyishere Re the drama title: Although I really wished that the title was Mrs. Sunshine, but I can see why they name it Mr. Sunshine. He's terrifying indeed!! I doubt all those are actual future scenes in the drama- or they might turn into actual scenes only for the one who does end up with her. I have a book from the Chosun Hotel in Seoul, the first big hotel built there. Seeing the long preview, I feel like the Joseon traitor is her father? The next morning, Hee-sung walks out of the pawnshop and runs into Eugene, who ignores him as he walks into the shop. It'd be interesting if the story goes there - both in terms of the characters and the international politics. He emotes really well with his eyes which is why I did like his scenes with KTR this fourth episode. Baldy isn’t fazed by the death of his comrade and digs into the fallen soldier’s clothing to find their salary payment from yesterday. It's probably something like, in this drama identities will remain as fluid as the plot because that's what the time required, blah dee dah. As Hina continues to explain that all of Joseon’s boys gather there, they see Eugene enter the hotel. I like the juxtaposition of Eugene and Hee-sung at the end, which is indicative of how they’re treated differently because of their social status. . My habit that's been gone for a long time has returned. A familiar voice intervenes and relieves the impasse by offering a compromise. Although he dived into a dark side in order for him to survive, I give a credit for his courage for not hiding his background to others. last but not least, thank you for the recap! I don' t think I'll be writing a song for Hee Sung anytime soon, he's cute but he doesn't make me feel this rush of feeling. She barely holds in her rage against Eugene and admits that she misunderstood him to be a comrade. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Excited for the upcoming episodes . But Ae-shin isn’t keen on not knowing, and she arrives at the school that her friend attends to learn English. And that makes the age gap between Eugene and Aeshin 12yrs???? Eugene asks if they ever recovered his parents’ bodies, and he points his gun at the noble, who then falls to the ground alongside his wife. I love her so much, especially when she’s in her all-black ensemble, doing parkour and firing shots in the dark like a badass. As best we can tell, ep 4 is still in 1902. Finally the plot is moving!! I find myself unwillingly caring for all our heroes, which just means even more heartbreak! I like all guys for Ae Shin. I want Dong-mae to drop his jaw when he realised that she ain’t a sheltered flower that destined to bloom and fade but the hottest flame (also means fire flower in korean) that fights for her nation. I didn't know that was the reason Pride and Prejudice seemed a Victorian period romance! LBH hardly opens his mouth and is restrained in his movements. Some of my reading tell that Ito's assassination probably pushed the government and the Japanese sentiment towards the annexation of Korea more ( if that were true, it would have been a sad consequence for Koreans done by a Korean man) . He was born a slave, he wouldn't have been taught to read it. I never knew that the Russians were such a predominant culture in Korea. She tells him to beware of frequenting this hotel, since he’ll never know what he’ll eat there, implying that he could be poisoned. He recognizes it as the missing piece on the stolen American gun. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { I say it's because I watched too much tv and picked up all those yankee accents. The character is one-dimensional but he has won my heart as "Mr. Sunshine", lol. Imagine, her noble grandfather was the tutor to the King and his son and DIL were Joseon revolutionaries in Japan. I would be if I were in her shoes. So much love here for Dong mae. Choon-shik, the smarter of the pawnshop duo, arrives in the office, and Gwan-soo introduces him as a former government worker who worked as a skilled sketch artist but lost his position after being caught in an affair with one of the court maids. Finally, I realized today that I do not at all care for Hee-sung and his entire family. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); It’s a volatile time in Joseon, and it seems safer for everyone to disguise their true intentions, whether it’s loyalty, jealousy, or admiration. The production values are stellar, each scene is filmed and framed gorgeously. . I’m ready! YYS can do no wrong in my book. When they meet, Ae-shin demands to know why Eugene hasn’t responded, and he tries to explain that he has yet to read the letter. I think most of the actors who play Japanese in this drama are actually Korean. 3. He reads Ae-shin’s letter, which asks him to respond immediately upon reading the letter so that they can discuss a change in their arrangement. Yay, it wasn't not just me! I think the conversation between him and Hina showed that he could force Ae Shin in marriage because of their families and won't wait for her to like him. Eugene asks if she knows Dong-mae, and she explains that he helps on the backend of the hotel. Connect with Facebook There was one scene where he was fighting a whole palace of guards, and Byun Yo-han looked Amazing. }; I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to watch this show on an incredible screen and I’m continually stunned at the cinematography. We see that the young girl fights to keep a valuable item, while the soldiers try to wring it out of her grip. I hope there's a scene of Dong Mae snapping at someone (maybe Wan Ik) in defense of her and vice versa. But does he know DM and AS have a connection? I really put me off his acting. So DM probably learned simple math and Japanese on top of martial arts in Japan, if not Korean letters. Yes, on the trailer she speaks to him stating that her hotel welcomes everyone, but she would never welcome him. Enjoy. Shrug. You Shalalala Kimono Guy song was great, by the way. Liking it so far but there isn't something extraordinary as of yet. He’s shocked that he immediately recognized him, and Kyle looks confused by Eugene’s sudden focus on this mysterious person. Ae-shin asks how she learned English, and Hina answers that she dated an English man in Tokyo. He also shares that he’s looking into the companions of a certain woman (Ae-shin), who are probably all aristocrats. He only learned violence in his life! Hotel owner Hina waits for Eugene at the reception desk after purposefully switching the keys and calls herself pathetic for this ploy. I'd like to read more. I think I saw 'dalkom coffee' in the background of Hina's hotel cafe. I think I try to read lips a lot, and he’s really difficult to read. The fiancee may not be a bad person at heart. (not that I'm going to stop watching regardless, I've been dying for a historical and I love Kim Min Jung too much haha). The "Oh my Gat" line was classic. The pawnshop duo shovels coins into bags for the currency exchange, and Kyle ends up with multiple bags of coins, which he finds incredible. Cool! I don't think I could go through 24 episodes of cringy English dialogues. When Eugene arrives at the home, Ignobleman’s son (and Hee-sung’s father) looks at his curiously. I like mature guys and LBH is just dreamy *sigh*. HAHHAHA that's true. Thought he was only into sword fighting and judo because we didnt see him practising with gun. She has the least amount of acting experience, but she can hold her own with the best of them (and then some) -- Lee Byung Hun said as much about her. Tsuda is hilarious. btw, if you want to see some absolutely beautiful ummmm, intimate, scenes in a kmovie, have you seen Portrait of a Beauty with Kim Nam gil? He's probably resigned that he will not get the girl, but to see someone immediately become close to her when he's held the torch the longest, someone who he thinks originally had no business to be involved whatsoever, man that's got to be the greatest insult. Dong-mae finds no difference, since both his work and his grudges involve a sword. My dad was speaking in Italian and the stranger asked my dad if he was from Palermo, Italy. Hina truthfully reveals that Wan-ik is her father and asks Dong-mae to affirm that she’s nothing like her father, which Dong-mae does. I think his character is interesting but I don't see him romantically with Ae Sin at all. Kyle asks if Il-shik and Gwan-soo are brothers, since they look so alike. Ae-shin confidently says that she only needs two. Yes, Kudo told Eugene that Dong-mae is the son of butchers, but couldn't finish the whole story. We do not yet know her goals or thoughts but the glimpses that we have got shows that shes going to be a badass (please let it be true!) With Ae-shin and his attempts to absolve himself from his family’s sins, I can see how much he cares to make things right. I feel like I'm missing something that's obvious to everyone else. He has seen her leave with Eugene, so he know that. Right off the bat, the Laurence Olivier-Greer Garson Pride and Prejudice had costumes that were about 70 years late, that just springs to mind, or did you mean kdramas? RIGHT you are... Eugene sounds different from Yoo Jin -- even to a European-American ear... Her-Sung all the way. How old are the characters? He's amazingly versatile. She wanted to interrupt the interaction, but he ended up getting closer to the other woman instead. Tags: Byun Yo-han, Kim Min-jung, Kim Tae-ri, Lee Byung-heon, Mr. Sunshine, Yoo Yeon-seok, Your email address will not be published. She didn’t get an answer the first time so she asks again why Eugene didn’t just accuse her as the culprit to resolve the investigation. Now dammit, here's something I keep forgetting to bring up. I don't care if he is good or bad. Ae-shin gladly takes his hand and says that “love” is easier than she expected. Gojong declares that the Japanese soldier will be subject to Joseon laws and consequently be sentenced to death while the American soldier will be released. I could never take him serious in any of his roles. Hayashi continues to argue otherwise, and Gojong takes offense to Hayashi’s lack of remorse and responsibility for the two innocent Joseon people that drunk Baldy killed. Watch in soft sub. I don't see how he can kill them. @tacourtn, @ally-le, @wishfultoki, @persianrose, @yyishere, @[email protected],@corkxrew,@javinne,@C.Lo ~ Love Yourself,@linda-palapala, I was so ready to see something happen... anything... but no, they just stretched out the cliff-hanger for 5 minutes. Watch in HD. He's definitely cultivated a persona that makes him appear that he's been "skating through life on his privilege", but we don't what lies underneath that façade, nor what he's really been up to all these years. But situation of those people in Korea seems worse( in particular Joseon period) so I feel sorry for those people. However, the article says that the Americans sent marines in 1904 to protect the embassy in light of the arrival of the Japanese, and that everything was quiet while the Korean army guarded the palace. Between the Americans not being there at all and no hotel like this even existing in Seoul before 1914, I'm no longer asking this drama for much ‍♀️ Just goin' with the flow. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Then, he tells Wan-ik to become this sorrowful devil for Emperor Gojong by reminding him of Queen Min’s death (she was killed in a Japanese attack) and the screams of that night. I find the latter two to be the most intriguing characters so far, as their outward appearance is so vastly different from what they really feel. But plastic surgeons in Korea have skills I can't even put a name to. On the topic of the Glory Hotel and historical accuracy She has a bright energy and such great interactions with everyone, especially the main male trio. He was always portrayed an a villain in K drama and movies, though. Oh I will pull my hair out if this lovely trio gets harmed in any way! But Dong-mae refuses and says that he’ll find it on his own. He sort of feels like that 'tsundere' type of character they use in contemporary drama, and I feel that showed best in the 8th episode...Typology aside, I really hope this softening of him in relation to him having feelings for Ae-shin is the path his character will follow (although that might get him killed either by his own people/Hina, or even Ae-shin if they end up facing such a me-or-him situation and he would so sacrifice his life for her at that point), because the only other alternative I see is most likely him going full evil despite liking Ae-shin, and I really think the writers could do this easily just by having him use force on Ae-shin or on someone she cares for and Ae-shin belittling him because he still remained a butcher's son despite all his efforts - that, especially coming from her, would really turn him not only against the one person he likes and sort of looks up to (she was the only one to ever talk about equality with him, after all), but also make him really despise Joseon with no way of turning back. I would not have known that without you pointing it out, so thanks. I often have to watch his scenes with KTR twice. The boys are fine. She must be waiting for Eugene to make a visit, but he hasn’t shown up yet. I don't remember kissing details of any LBH dramas although I'm sure All In had good ones with Song Hye Kyo but there's an old film named Addicted that's very, ummmmm, intimate, at least it sticks in my mind that way . @corkxrew, @javinne, #6 was the best response, I was not expecting that. I could go on an on about this topic. He’s not trying to be disrespectful, but he only knows how to court ladies with his playboy smile and gestures, and that is no way into Ae-shin’s heart. There is a carefree nature to Hee-sung’s outward persona that makes him more socially likable, but his acceptance is mostly rooted in his social status. I also prefer more nuanced actors overall and he is growing on me. Kairos The Cost Of Happiness. This seems like a good time for a shout-out to LBH for his truly outstandingly natural American English, he must have worked so hard on pulling that off. I particularly liked the korean alliteration(?) Eun-san calls her by name, So-ah, and tells her that they will meet again, assuring her that they’re stronger than they think. I loved badass Eugene calmly taking out the soldiers.....also loved the quiet Eugene showing his protective side to Ae- shin ...(swooooooon:). She remains silent and her expression is unreadable, but there seems to be a slight sense of admiration for Dong-mae. Thank you! But she has great instincts so that helps her in being honest and up front with all three men in her life. It's almost uncomfortable to watch because they come across as father and daughter. The large black boxes then in use for photography could scarcely be used in secret. He says that nine out of ten people know who they are, and Eugene claims that he’s the one of ten who doesn’t know. “My Sunshine (Director’s Cut)” is a four-episode condensed version of the 2015 Chinese drama series directed by Liu Jun Jie. She offers to set up a meeting between them, since they seem mutually interested in each other. LOL. The following Mr. Sunshine Episode 4 English SUB has been released. And how the edge of her skirt lightly brushes against his hand. Yes, it's so good I am startled when the scenes suddenly shift to him and Kyle talking. Yaaayyyyy! It is a matter of identity. The wife notices his military uniform but notes that it’s not a Joseon uniform. As of the end of episode 8, quite a few other characters know about it, so it seems likely she will learn about it quite soon. Does this writer usually make it clear who's going to love who from the beginning? I'm becoming paranoid. Once she’s hidden in the darkness, she aims at Baldy and shoots his hand. Totally agree with you. It is yet early in the show, I would say, to expect more from Ae shin or any other character. Haha! The mechanic admits that he doesn’t fully reassemble items belonging to people he doesn’t like, but he reassures Eugene that he’ll fix the music box because he’s curious what song it’ll play. I see enough chemistry between them. That is not an easy feat. He holds himself very well with the white folks too. Like relationships. 4 - The child actors in this show are so, so good. Well, we're not alone in complaining about historical inaccuracies! I've seen him in a few dramas and movies but my eyes popped at how well he made me loathe him in Train to Busan. Eugene looks surprised and raises his hands in surrender, suggesting that they use words. Other people have assumed he was born in the U.S. Oh, and points to PD and writer-nim for including Scott Joplin's piano rag "The Entertainer" (1902) in the hotel scene, played in swing rhythm: I don't feel connected to lead actors, they are just doing random things whatever they want and also i don't feel any chemistry between them either, don't know the reason , may be the poker face of eugene . Eugene reaches out his hand to offer a handshake and explains the gesture as one signifying that you have no weapons or intent to hurt the other person. Thank you for liking my song, it makes me very happy that you enjoyed it. But the celebration is short-lived, as the boy slams the rock against the bald soldier’s head. The Japanese government allowed their children to have education but the upper class strongly opposed to this decision.
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