HORN LENGTH OF INCHES 27.  This breathtaking exotic will be a wonderful addition to any trophy room! Waterbuck Safaris Limited is dedicated solely to devising the finest holidays that Tanzania has … Best Match. Still, it is one of the top ten most wanted South African antelopes among hunters, probably due to its size. Males typically weigh 198–262 kg (437–578 lb) and females 161–214 kg (355–472 lb). Waterbuck Hunting Prices (For Informative Use Only) In Benin, the Sing-sing defassa waterbuck has a trophy fee of between 800 Euros and 2000 Euros. Additionally … Within hours of arriving at the Kudu Ridge Lodge, he was presented with opportunities to hunt waterbuck, Eastern Cape kudu, and eland. Silver medal 69 6/8” 0”. Good Waterbuck 30"+ are very hard to find! Results For Common Waterbuck Listings. Only the males have horns. 2000. Hunt for Buffalo, Roan and Antilope in Burkina Faso. In some places they put a high price … Season: Year round Price: $6,500. Prices for the best hunting in Florida. Wing Shooting. WEIGHS 550 POUNDS. Contrary to what their name suggests, they are not very aquatic. Online 2013 to 2019. Loaded Northern Cape. Taxidermy fees. FEMALE WARTHOG . As the name implies, they are found near water sources. Gold medal 71 1/8” 63 4/8”. 450. Firearm rental. In other words if you are on a big five hunt ($ 450 – $550/day), such as a hunt for Cape Buffalo and shoot your trophy Cape Buffalo on the second day and start hunting plains game, the rate does not change. 1/3. The facial features include a white muzzle and light eyebrows and lighter insides of the ears. This package also takes place in the wild and undeveloped bushveld of northwest Limpopo … Whether you are a first timer or have been on many safaris, let us help make your entire trip experience a great one. Hunting of females takes place between April and June. 700. Shaggy reddish brown grey coat. $ 275 per day. 300. The cost to hunt waterbuck in South Africa for the 2020 hunting season is $ 2 150. Waterbuck cows can only be cull hunted from April to June. AussieJohn from Downunder returned last week and hunted a nice representitive Waterbuck. Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail has a natural breeding herd of Waterbuck and will harvest a couple of Trophy Bull Waterbuck each year. If you have a limited budget, let us know what you are interested in, we will make certain proposals which could lower the cost of your African Hunt. Origin: Waterbuck is a large antelope found native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is placed in the genus Kobus of the family Bovidae. Leopard and Cheetah Hunt: Requires a minimum of 10 -14 day Safari, daily rate Hunter with professional hunter US$700.- Full mount on request. We recommend making Waterbuck hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability. Dries Visser Safaris Supports. Information on bow hunting waterbuck South Africa . Waterbuck for sale — Prices differ per area as can be seen from the prices below. USA Office +1 (830) 367-7611. Waterbuck.  The pungent smell that their sweat glands release is more than sufficient! Waterbuck bow hunting price South Africa is $ 2 150 for 2021. Waterbuck Trophy: $6,900 Trophy Fee is in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. When do you do your Waterbuck hunting? Click To See Your Best Match Save; Preview; ARC Hunting Safaris – Exclusive Hunting Concessions in Limpopo, South Africa with more than 30 Game Species. Terms & Conditions • Sitemap • Contact Us. What is a waterbuck? 800. Price: $4995.00 Total - $2500 Per Hunter (2 Hunters/1 PH) That is less than $2500 per hunter, 3 animals each! Home Catalog Tanzania Waterbuck hunting in Tanzania. Trophy Fees are in addition to daily fees which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. Males reach approximately 127 cm (50 in) at the shoulder, while females reach 119 cm (47 in). Waterbuck Hunts in Texas on exotic ranches or Safaris in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe with outfitters with affordable hunting packages. In Burkina Faso, the Sing-sing defassa waterbuck trophy fee starts at 365 Euros and goes up to 460 Euros. 700. Trophy Waterbuck Hunt: $ 4,450. Activities. *Firearm and Ammunition Provided, if Needed Hunter Ken got a perfect shot at a Beautiful Waterbuck.Great hunting experience at Tollie"s African Safaris. $ 350 per day. Interesting links. Contact. Price $ $$ $$$ $$$$ Near Me. Dream hunt: hunting waterbuck in South Africa. A contribution from Linda Mellor 24.06.2019. The area that Graham Sales Safaris hunts supports … Axis Deer, Barasinga, Blackbuck, Boar, Fallow Deer, Nilgai, Pere David Deer, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Turkey, Waterbuck, Whitetail Deer Side trips and tours. Waterbuck are a large speices of antelope with a distinct white circle around their tails. and reach an average shoulder height of 55". 5. Waterbucks are prone to heat dehydration and must live near water. Photo Gallery; Videos; References . The Waterbuck is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. Weather at Citadel. We also offer hunts in the Texas Hill Country at our Texas Hunt Lodge, Africa Hunt Lodge Waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus. Waterbuck Hunting Season: Waterbuck may be hunted year round at the Ox Ranch! Here you will find the hunt in South Africa prices for both day fees and hunting trophy animal fees for the 2020 hunting season. 10. 350. South Africa places no seasonal restrictions on waterbuck hunting, which means that you can enjoy an exciting and rewarding waterbuck hunt year round. The area is known for producing large waterbuck in addition to some very large nyala, common reedbuck, vaal reedbuck and mountain reedbuck. Other trophy plains game animals are available during this trophy waterbuck hunt. A MATURE WATERBUCK MALE HAS AN AVERAGE: SHOULDER HEIGHT OF 52 INCHES. Jason Rodd flew from London into Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to hunt plains game. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Waterbuck in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year round. Africa Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest World Record Class South African Waterbuck. Waterbucks are among the largest antelopes in the world and are the largest out of six species of Kobus. Burkina faso. We built this South African hunting safari package specifically for serious trophy hunters who want to pursue a wide variety of African game animals during a single hunt. 300. Facts About Waterbuck… The total cost is a function of four components. For more information on Exotic Waterbuck Hunts in Texas, contact us (903) 654-3416! COVID-19 South Africa Dries Visser Pure-bred Game Wildlife 24 Swift Dip African Adventures Highveld Taxidermy Esplanade Travel . And as others have said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Observer / Non Hunter.  We will Drive you Around the Ranch Hunting Without the use of any Lights! Or you can Hog Hunt from our Hunting Blind that Holds 10+ People. They are one of the only antelopes that do not mark their territory with dung and urine. Package hunts. Several flights a day are offered between Johannesburg and Durban. Jason, an experienced hunter, travelled from Heathrow to Johannesburg (10 hours), then took a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth, he shared a great tip with all4hunters, "if travelling with a gun and connecting to domestic flights, leave at least three hours, because it’s a two stage customs firearms process in-between flights. In Cameroon, the Sing-sing waterbuck is usually available as a Group B animal on a savanna hunt. Characteristics: The waterbuck is of a robust build. Latin name Kobus ellipsiprymnus. IDENTIFICATION: Waterbuck are large greyish-brown antelope with shaggy hair and impressive horns. This trophy waterbuck hunt will take place in the midlands area of Kwazulu-Natal near the town of Ladysmith. Shoulder height: 1,3m Mass: 250-270kg (bulls) Horns: average length: 75cm. Special Offer 1 N/A (Category B) Special Offer 2 < 10″ = R1 460.00 / R1 110.00# (Category C) Special … Waterbuck Trophy Fees. Waterbuck: The waterbuck is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. 25. Trophy males can weigh 550 to 600 pounds and take a bit of work to get in the salt. Included: 2 Day guide Fee & 2 Day lodging Email … *Access to the Ranch’s 5,800-foot Paved and Lighted Runway, Weekday Hunting Package $1,000 It is only the bulls that are bearing horns.  Their meat may not be the most desirable, but their horns and beautiful coat more than make up for it! SOUTH AFRICA PRICE LIST. SCI MINIMUM SCORE: 70 (Length of both horns + circumference of bases). The Waterbuck is normally seen in small flocks of about 12 animals. Waterbuck cull hunting prices: it happens occasionally we come across waterbuck cow cull hunts. per day per person an includes lodging, meals, fishing The cull cost is $ 450 per animal. Trips with discount. VAT is payable unless otherwise confirmed. 2250. USA MARKETINGTOUR 2020. Axis Deer, Barasinga, Blackbuck, Boar, Fallow Deer, Nilgai, Pere David Deer, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Turkey, Waterbuck, Whitetail Deer You may hunt our trophy Waterbuck using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol hunting, Safari style, or from a Blind. Waterbuck: 3 500: 5 500: 7 550: Blesbuck: 1 500: 2000: 2 000: Red hartebeest: 3 500: 4 000 : 6 000: Zebra: 5 000: N/A: N/A: Impala: 1 250: 1 550: 2 000: Giraffe: 10 000: 14 000: N/A: Ostrich: 2 500: 2500: N/A: Warthog: 600: 600: 800 N/A = Not available for hunting this season. This hotel features king beds and in-suite luxury bathrooms in every room. Accommodations. Hunting available in: Defassa Waterbuck: Tanzania and Ethiopia Common Waterbuck: South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania. Loaded Northern Cape. Insurances (please attend to your private liability and/or hunting liability insurance as well Occasionally waterbuck females become available as non-trophy cull hunts. 1X1 One Hunter With One PH. Price & Rates . AH fanatic. I didn't know what it measured until the whole hunt was over. Daily fees: 2 Hunters/ 1 PH - $295 per hunter per day, Bow Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day, 1st Class Accommodations on our South African Concession, Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt, Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners, Care of your trophies to include Capping and transportation to Taxidermist for Export, Transportation to/from the Johannesburg (TAMBO) International Airport, Additional Hunting for other Game Animals, Extra Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests, Trips to Pilanesburg, Marakele & Kruger National Parks. Here is a pic of the waterbuck I shot just last Thursday. $ 600 per day * Pre and post safari … *Night Vision Hog Hunting up to two hours per night. The above rates include (1×1) or (2×1) service of a professional hunter, trained skinners, trackers and camp staff. Hyenas, Lions, and Leopards are the major predators, but Crocodiles, Hunting Dogs and Cheetahs also take Waterbuck. Dip and pack of … Hunt the Big 5 including Hippo, Crocodile and plains game in South Africa and Zimbabwe with Jaquandi Safaris. The most prominent feature on the Waterbuck, is a white ring on the behind encircling the tail. Hunting. Waterbuck Hunting Season: Waterbuck may be hunted year round at the Ox Ranch! The Waterbuck was quartering away from him and the shot hit its mark dropping the buck within a 100 yards or so. During your trophy waterbuck hunt you will stay at a historic 4-star hotel. Waterbuck Hunting in Texas . The .270 caliber is minimal, but the 7mm Magnum or one of the big .30 calibers with good expanding bullets are a much better choice. Hunters and guests. There are two types of waterbuck (Common Waterbuck and Defassa Waterbuck). All of these factors play a role in establishing a price on Waterbuck. This price is for the entire group (not per person)! Video Trailer. The Waterbuck The waterbuck is the largest amongst the six species of Kobus. Hunt the Big 5 including Hippo, Crocodile and plains game in South Africa and Zimbabwe with Jaquandi Safaris. AMMUNITION AT COST PRICE. *Meals Included and Prepared by an Award-Winning Chef By Raja Asim #WaterbuckHuntingInSouthAfrica #Biggamesafari. – Waterbokke te koop – Waterbok bulle tot 24″ – Waterbuck bulls to 30″ – Waterbok bulle 31 en groter Waterbuck: Eland Cape: Zebra: RIFLES FOR HIRE AT $25.00 PER RIFLE/ DAY. Year round, we offer hunts for awesome Trophy Waterbuck. Hunting Packages; Daily Rates - USD; Media . This area consists of rolling mountains with scattered acacia bush, some thicker riverine bush and … They are social animals and congregate in nursery or bachelors herds. Species. Air charters and accommodation before and after the safari. These antelopes are large, robust animals; males are generally about 25 percent larger than the females. *3 days/2 Nights of Lodging  (additional nights $500/night) .Outfitters + We cater for single hunters, groups, and families in our hunting areas in Southern … info@oxhuntingranch.com. It is placed in the genus Kobus of the family Bovidae. They have large, rounded ears and white patches above the eyes, around the nose and mouth, and on the throat. The conservancy is vast open country with a wide variety of game species available making it a top destination for hunting in the Easter Cape . Our hunters typically hunt the South African Waterbuck in conjunction with a 7-10 day African Safari. Hunting Package: Trophy Fee: Starting price is $6,500.00 One of our Experienced and Licensed Professional Hunters will be your guide during your Waterbuck Hunt. Their habitat preference of scrub and savanna near to water sources brings them into competition with … Dries Visser Safaris Brochure 2020. This rather large antelope is mostly a grazer, and is often spotted in open grassland or floodplains. Origin: Africa Horn Size: 24-39 inches Weight: 300-600 pounds Estimated World Population: 200,000 Ox Ranch Population: 15 Waterbucks are among the largest antelopes in the … ... Wintershoek Safaris owns and operates 5 hunting areas with luxury lodges in the Northern Cape province of South Africa +27 53 204 0042. If you are interested in a combo hunt just select the species you want to include in a combination hunt and click the Combo Hunt box . Don't sweat it! AJ made a quick shot with our 375 H&H. Only the males have horns, which are prominently ringed and as long as 100 centimeters (40 inches). 2020 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts; 2019 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts; 2018 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts; 2017 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts; 2016 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts; 2015 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts; 2014 Whitetail & Exotic Hunts ; Lodging & Accommodations; Bass Fishing; Contact Us; Home > Waterbuck Hunting in Texas. Whatsapp – +27 73 304-6727 After more than 21 years in the hunting industry, Jannie van Wyk is still offering his services and animals to private hunters and not only to … Prices for hunting in South Africa – Jannie van Wyk, Steynsburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa: Prices on request. Please Call: (830) 275-4962 All day fees in the hunt in South Africa prices are per person / hunter per day and apply for the entire duration of the hunt. *Experienced Hunting Guide To book your hunt, please call us at (830) 367-7611. Best Regards Louis van Bergen . 900. 1200. AMMUNITION AT COST PRICE. 3. INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The Waterbuck is a much sought after trophy for many hunters traveling to Africa, with its impressive horns sweeping back and then hooking … When hunting waterbuck in Africa, the choice of caliber is important. The long, spiral horns, present only on males, curve backward, then forward. All the above rates DO NOT include: Prices shown exclude 15% VAT (Value Added Tax). You may hunt our trophy Waterbuck using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol hunting, Safari style, or from a Blind. All of our Waterbuck are free ranging on over 18,000 acres of Texas Hill Country! Click To GET. It is a sexually dimorphic antelope, with the males nearly 7 percent taller than females and around 8 percent longer. There are 30 different species in the area from the common animals like Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Gemsbok, Waterbuck and Impala to the less common Lechwe, Bontebok and Vaal Rhebok. New hunts. Waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus. Price List; Photo Galleries. 5000. Prices for the best hunting in Florida. Shoulder height: 1,3m. This bull was one of 3 in the group. $2800.00 all inclusive (Trophy fees included) 6 Nights and 5 Days hunting 1 x Blue Wildebeest 1 x Waterbuck 3 x Impala 2 x Baboon Our management hunts takes place in the Limpopo province of South Africa, only 1 hour north of Polokwane where your Professional Hunter will meet you and drive you to the hunting … Waterbuck: Eland Cape: Zebra: RIFLES FOR HIRE AT $25.00 PER RIFLE/ DAY. Hyenas, Lions, and Leopards are the major predators, but Crocodiles, Hunting Dogs and Cheetahs also take Waterbuck. The waterbuck is a large antelope found wide Hire of firearms and ammunition. Weight: 300-600 pounds $9,800 All land transportation, vehicles and fuel (hunting vehicles). Field preparation of trophies and hunting licenses. The Waterbuck is one of the largest African antelopes, and as its name implies, its habitat is never far from water. For the 2020 hunting season, our trophy fee for Waterbuck is $2,350. Every African Hunting Safari is unique and your first safari probably won’t be your last.
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