Tools of the trade

Great for brewing several cups of coffee to share with friends. Make sure you pour the finished brew as soon as possible so it doesn't become bitter. Enjoy! - 20170325 - OTC_2721.jpg


Break your gear out and make sure your French Press is clean from the last time you used it. Old coffee grounds can easily get stuck in the steel mesh and ruin your coffee. Fire up your kettle, you'll want your water about 30-seconds off of boil (around 200-205ºF). Pre-heat your French Press with a little of your hot water and pour it out after about 15 seconds.


Weigh out 56grams (for this specific recipe) of whole bean coffee and grind it on a coarse setting. Pour the grounds into the French Press and give it a quick shake to level the coffee bed.


Pour your hot water evenly over the coffee grounds until the French Press is about half full then start your timer. This step is called the Bloom, gases are being released from your fresh coffee and the grounds will form a crust. Let this steep until the 1 - minute mark on your timer.

At the 1-minute mark, use your wooden or plastic spoon to break the crust with a quick stir. Most people avoid using metal stirrers as the glass can break rather easy. - 20170325 - OTC_2813.jpg


Pour your remaining hot water and fill the French Press to the top of the metal ring. Place the lid on and let the coffee continue to steep until your timer hits the 4-minute mark. During this time, if you have extra water left over in your kettle you can go ahead and pre-heat your mugs.



At the 4-minute mark on your timer, slowly press the plunger all the way down to filter the grounds from the coffee. Serve and enjoy!