Sean & Roxanne Simmons, the husband and wife duo behind Greenberry’s Coffee, knew they wanted to bring a higher quality of coffee to the public from the start. After years in the corporate world, they decided to learn the heart and soul of coffee from Alfred Peet, the pioneer who first brought high-end coffee to America in the 1960s. From that knowledge grew Greenberry’s Coffee, named after Sean’s ancestor who exhibited the same dedication to hard work and quality that they wanted to bring to the coffee world.


After moving to Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991 and getting married at the University of Virginia Chapel, they decided to open their first store a few yards away off University Avenue in 1992. They wanted to create a home away from home atmosphere, building out the store with real wood and slate, a departure from the plastic furnishings that were popular at the time. Not content with just serving the student community, they opened another location in an old shoe repair store in the heart of town. It quickly became a community meeting place, serving the town as a social hub and source for high end, specialty coffees, a rarity at the time. The store became so popular, the door hinges had to replaced twice a year! Meanwhile, Sean would roast in a small warehouse nearby while Roxanne would deliver to local restaurants and cafes in their tiny two-door jalopy. They insisted on roasting themselves so they could control all aspects of quality – from green bean sourcing, to roasting and serving to their customers. Still in operation, Greenberry’s Coffee in Barracks Road still serves some of the same customers that came in the very first day.


As the customer base grew, Sean and Roxanne started to get inquiries about bringing the same sense of community and high-end coffee to other locations. They started franchising Greenberry’s Coffee and partnered with like-minded people who shared their same passion for coffee, quality and customer service. As the coffee market grew, the need for high-quality, gourmet food arose. Sean & Roxanne wanted to bring the same dedication to quality to the food program as they had to their coffee. Creating a breakfast and lunch menu centered around fresh, savory ingredients. Paired with our freshly baked pastries and baked goods, Greenberry’s created a full line food solution.


Now equipped with over twenty years of coffee roasting experience and a broad range of food service solutions, Greenberry’s Coffee has expanded regionally and internationally. Maintaining the home away from home feel of the stores has kept the atmosphere consistent through a variety of locations and markets, bringing the charm of Greenberry’s to customers across the globe.