Once you become the owner of a Greenberry’s Coffee franchise, our team will start helping guide you through the decision making process. Assistance in design and construction is provided as well as product sourcing and vendor negotiations. Ownership Training is held at our home office in Charlottesville, Virginia and goes through a step-by-step guide to opening and running your store.

Our role in the opening of your store is to assist in employee training and provide on-site assistance as you prepare for opening day. Once your store opens, we will be at your store the first week you are open to help and support you during this important time.

After opening your Greenberry’s store, you will receive on-going consulting in key areas such as marketing, cash-flow analysis, customer relations and day-to-day operations. As a Greenberry’s store-owner, our support staff will be available to you to answer questions at any time. - 20161005 - X1008924.jpg

Master Franchise Opportunities

Exclusivity of Country and/or Territory


  • Sites: locations, types, size, etc. 
  • Store Design: construction, interior design and layout, material
  • Menu: scale to site, menu development and offer adjusted with respect to culture, religion, supply & demand. 

Marketing: opportunity to cross market with support of neighboring states, countries and territories

  • Ongoing marketing and branding support with Greenberry's Coffee Co.'s corporate team through online & social media, advertising, collateral for events and exhibitions, branded merchandise, promotional material & new ideas.

Development Vision: Master Franchise Owned (all) and/or Sub-franchising (mixed)

On-going Training: Corporate and on-site training from the Greenberry's Coffee Co. team

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